CBD Cream. What is it? How to Use it For Pain.


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It seems that almost everyday a new CBD product comes onto the market. With the passage of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, in less than a year people now have an extraordinary number of choices for purchasing CBD products. This includes CBD cream for pain. But having so many options right out of the gate can also be a little confusing. What works? What’s a reputable brand? Will it make me feel high or fail a drug test? How much should I use and how often? These are all valid questions and we’re here to help you sort through them and more.


What is CBD Cream?


CBD is short for Cannabinoidal, a compound that appears to help with pain management, inflammation, and helps the body relax. Most, but not all CBD-only products are made from hemp, the cousin of the traditional cannabis plant which contains THC. By the new federal law, hemp-based CBD products may not contain more than .03 percent THC, the cannabinoid that produces the euphoric feeling associated with traditional cannabis. Topical CBD products such as creams use CBD extracted from the hemp plant which is then processed into an oil and mixed with other ingredients to create the cream. When you’re looking into purchasing a CBD cream, read about other ingredients as some may also contain essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, rosehip, and others. Unfortunately, no current regulations exist that set the amount of actual CBD in a product, so finding a brand that works best for you may require some recommendations and experimentation. The FDA is currently in the process of developing regulations for CBD products which will hopefully bring some standardization to the industry.


CBD Cream for Medical Conditions


Body pain takes many forms; muscle aches, tension, joint pain and inflammation, and in chronic cases, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and neuropathic pain. While more research is greatly needed, a few studies demonstrate that CBD may be effective in providing relief for these conditions. Now that more CBD studies can be legally conducted in the U.S., science may prove CBD to be a natural anti-inflammatory agent that when applied topically in a cream, lotion, or balm may lessen the effects of certain types of chronic pain.


Will CBD Cream Make Me High? 


No. A reputable CBD-only product will not contain more than .03 percent THC and for most people, no matter if you slather it on by the gallon it will not make you feel high.


Will I Fail a THC Drug Test Using a CBD Cream?


A bonafide and reputable CBD cream will most likely not cause a positive result for THC. However, it depends on the type of test and the lab itself. Some corporations, pro sports leagues, schools, and government policies may have their own prohibitions regarding the use of CBD products. To avoid any potential unpleasantness, it’s a good idea to know before you use a CBD cream.


In California, CBD products made from hemp cannot be sold in licensed cannabis dispensaries. If your state permits it and you purchase a CBD product in a dispensary, pay extra attention to the label and ensure it is not a product that contains more than .03 percent THC.


How Often and How Much CBD Cream Should I Use?


It depends. Every person’s body and their condition is unique, and your choice of brand is also a factor. The general rule, like edibles, is GLASS; Go Low And Start Slow. Topical creams are meant to be applied directly to that area of your body that is in pain. Read the product’s instructions and more importantly, know that it’s OK to experiment with different amounts and the number of applications throughout the day. Start off with smaller amounts and see if they provide relief. If not, gradually increase the amount of cream and application frequency. Medical professionals refer to this as titrating up.


Money-Saving Tip: If you’re in the exploration stage we recommend buying smaller sizes if that’s an option. Buy it and try it before committing to purchasing larger amounts. It may take purchasing a few different products or brands to see what may work best for you and your condition. Again, this is why purchasing good quality products from reputable brands can make a difference. Look at it this way ⎼ purchasing sushi at a gas station may not be a pleasant experience and the same goes for quality CBD products.


CBD Brands on Three Wells


We pride ourselves in providing access to quality CBD products here at Three Wells. We have relationships with and know the people behind brands like W!NK’s CBD BalmSanta Cruz MedicinalsFlav CBD SalvePure Ratios Hemp CBD Topical Salve, and Rx CannaCare to name a few.


Of course, word of mouth and personal recommendations can be helpful. Ask your friends and relatives whether they’re using a CBD cream to help with their pain management. Don’t be afraid to ask about what worked and what didn’t. We also suggest starting or joining a conversation on our social media channels and see what other members of the Three Wells community are using. No matter your method of getting more information, we don’t want you to get rubbed the wrong way!


Philip Rebentisch is a Contributing Editor for Three Wells and is simultaneously curious and amazed about the cannabis plant.