Top Five Ways to Consume Cannabis, Part Two

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In our first article about the recent top five ways to use cannabis in California, we covered flower, tinctures, pre-rolls, edibles, and vape pens. In this follow-up, we take a look at how Californians quench their thirst with cannabis, rub out the kinks with topicals, and add to their vitamin regimen with cannabis capsules.

To find out who is using what type of cannabis, we asked Headset, a company that specializes in cannabis market research; their Insights are pretty amazing. We came away with these dispensary nuggets based on unit sales in California.


Cannabis Capsules for Precise Dosing

One of the best attributes of cannabis capsules is precise dosing. They also provide peace of mind for those who are more comfortable with a pill rather than other ways to consume, with smoking in particular. In addition, pure cannabis capsules do not contain sugar or other ingredients found in chocolate edibles, gummies, and possibly in beverages. The top five capsules were:

  1. Soft Gels 10-Pack (ABX / ABSOLUTEXTRACTS)
  2. Soft Gels 10-Pack (250mg, ABX / ABSOLUTEXTRACTS)
  3. Soft Gels 30-Pack (ABX / ABSOLUTEXTRACTS), CBD:THC 18:1
  4. Soft Gel 30-Pack (CARE BY DESIGN)
  5. Soft Gels 10-Pack (500mg, ABX / ABSOLUTEXTRACT).


Cannabis-Infused Beverages

THC-infused drinks are at the beginning of their very existence. Teas and fruit-based drinks seem to rule to space for now and cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages are certainly under development. This is especially clear in Canada which in 2018 legalized cannabis consumption at the national level. We’re pleased that in the beverages category, Three Wells partner Kikoko was flowing in California like class five white water rapids! The top five beverages were:

  1. Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops Sparkling Water (ABX / ABSOLUTEXTRACTS)
  2. Tranquili – Tea (KIKOKO)
  3. Sympa – Tea (KIKOKO)
  4. Sensuali – Tea (KIKOKO)
  5. Positivi -Tea (KIKOKO)


Top Cannabis Topicals

Topical cannabis lotions, oils, balms, and bath soaks play an extremely important role in getting the best out of cannabis. Depending on the product, they can be used to help specific parts of your body or for a relaxing, whole body experience in the tub. Like Kikoko in the beverage aisle, our partner Papa & Barkley feels good in taking four of the top five sales slots in California. The top cannabis topicals were:

  1. CBD:THC 1:3 Releaf Balm (PAPA & BARKLEY)
  2. CBD:THC 3:1 Releaf Balm (PAPA & BARKLEY)
  3. CBD:THC 3:1 Releaf Balm (PAPA & BARKLEY)
  4. CBD:THC 1:1 Pain Cream (CARE BY DESIGN)
  5. CBD:THC 1:3 Releaf Body Oil (PAPA & BARKLEY).


Cannabis Consumption in California

According to Headset data, cannabis capsules, beverages, and topicals currently account for fewer than ten percent of licensed sales in California. As mature adults learn more about these products sales will surely increase because having options is a good thing. We’ll keep a close eye on it.

What is your favorite way to use cannabis? Have you ever tried any of the products in this article? If you did, how did they make you feel? Let us know!

John Ansimoore covers all things cannabis for Three Wells.

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