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After the polar vortex Deep Freeze of 2019, and if you live in the snow belt, you are well aware that January and February are perfect for traveling to warmer locales. The holiday season is over, the twinkling lights are packed away, your kids and grandkids returned home, and the four-month forecast is for cold, harsh weather. Even if you enjoy outdoor winter activities as a mature adult, they all involve cold feet, hands, and runny noses. We vote for warmer climates! Our first article in our Canna Tourism series explored cannabis travel in Hawai’i. The second article explored California Gold. Our last article in the series looks into cannabis tourism for adults in Nevada, the Silver State. But before you hop on a plane, you need to know about the cannabis laws in Nevada, even in Sin City.


Don’t Gamble with the Law

Nevada legalized medicinal cannabis in November 2001 and adult-use in July 2017. For tourists and residents alike, state laws mandate that the only adults age 21 and over can buy marijuana from a state-licensed store or dispensary. It remains illegal to buy marijuana from any other source. You may only consume cannabis on private property and it’s illegal in any public place. You can’t use marijuana in a moving vehicle, even if you’re a passenger. Technically, this may include rideshare services like Uber and Lyft (and tour guides), so it’s best to ask your driver first.

Thinking about lighting up or vaping in a casino?  Well, don’t. While tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine are highly encouraged, casinos must comply with federal law. As a result, you cannot legally consume cannabis on a casino floor. There are other, discrete ways to consume but violating Nevada’s marijuana consumption laws is a misdemeanor, possibly resulting in up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine, and/or community service. For those of us old enough to remember, that puts a new spin on the Las Vegas ad campaign of What Happens in ‘Vegas, Stays in ‘Vegas.


Let It Ride

Now that you know the rules of the game, it’s good to know that Las Vegas has a dynamic cannabis community. Tour options and dispensaries are plentiful, and we’ve researched a few options for you.

Dispensary tours in Las Vegas provide a fun way for adults to learn about cannabis without doing any driving yourself. First, manage your expectations for any tour you select. In our current understanding of Nevada’s laws, tour operators may not directly provide cannabis to you as part of the tour. You may purchase products at the dispensaries, but don’t board a tour bus expecting the guide to handout cannabis. Remember, it’s against Nevada law to consume cannabis in a moving vehicle. We’ve learned this may change in time, but it requires legislative action. Before booking, it never hurts to contact the tour operator with any questions.

Dispensary Tours Las Vegas currently offers a few different tours, including The Original 420 Tour, a three-hour tour whisking you away to three dispensaries in Las Vegas. They also provide a Patients Choice tour offering VIP access to a “top shelf” dispensary, and a Private Tour for up to six people in an executive van. No time to waste? Their Fly High tour picks you up at McCarron airport and takes you directly to a dispensary. Swag for each tour may vary, but they offer a welcome bag containing papers, a lighter, a Las Vegas dispensary guide, cannabis education pamphlets, and industry trade magazines. Please note their statement: “Absolutely no marijuana or marijuana-infused products are provided. Don’t ask or we will cancel your order and refund your money. There are no exceptions.

Herbology Tours also provides different options including their Hit and Run that picks you up at McCarron airport. Other tours include a VIP Tour, and Beer and Buds, which visits a brewery and a cannabis dispensary. The Herbology 101 Tour offers a glimpse behind the scenes for adults who are curious about cannabis production. From extraction to cooking, to its medicinal properties, this three-hour tour claims to get you “Highly Educated.”


Check in and Check Out

Again, under Nevada law, you cannot legally consume cannabis in public, and most resort hotels with casinos currently don’t permit it. Also, delivery services will not deliver to rooms in hotel casinos. The Grove dispensary lists the Artisan Hotel Boutique as cannabis-friendly and the Grove also provides a link for hotels that permit onsite consumption. There are of course discrete ways to consume cannabis without smoking, but you may also want to consider booking a short term, private rental. Even then, we suggest confirming its cannabis status with the host. To start your search, we located a few rental services for Las Vegas:

Bud & Breakfast

Cannabis Tours



Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensaries

Las Vegas is located in Clark County, and there are multitudes of dispensary options literally from A to Z. Several are conveniently located on the Strip within walking distance of many resorts. They may also offer delivery services but ask about their casino delivery policies. Search for a Las Vegas dispensary on our site, and you may also click here for the State’s official guide for licensed adult-use dispensaries in printable PDF format. Before visiting a dispensary, doublecheck to ensure it is licensed for adult-use sales if you do not have a Nevada Medical Cannabis card.

We want to give a shout out to a new dispensary and cannabis entertainment venue away from the Strip. Recently voted as the number one cannabis dispensary and destination in Las Vegas, Planet 13 believes in having a great time within a sophisticated, safe environment. The entire complex covers 40,000 square feet and features unique interactive laser art, LED projections, and thirteen LED lotus flowers on the roof. Because it is Las Vegas, each flower is fifteen feet tall. The upscale, well-lit dispensary is enormous, spread out over 15,000 square feet. It stocks an amazing variety of cannabis products including flower, oils, vapes, and edibles. Some of the Three Wells staff visited in person and we give it our stamp of approval. For adults seeking a unique cannabis experience in Las Vegas, it is not to be missed.


End of the Road, For Now

We’ll do more articles as the Canna Tourism business evolves. Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are well on their way, but other tourism-heavy states are surprisingly behind the times. Florida is a good example. It currently has fairly strict medical cannabis laws, minimal infrastructure, and adult-use is illegal. When the weather warms up we’ll dive into what’s happening with Canna Tourism in other states with robust cannabis communities.

Have you experienced Canna Tourism in the Silver State? Did you visit a dispensary, take a cultivation tour, or stay at a cannabis-friendly hotel or B&B? Please share your experience with us on our social channels.

John Ansimoore loves exploring cannabis culture and lifestyles for adults.

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