3 Delicious Vegan Recipes

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Contributed Recipes from Coda Signature

Coda Signature, makers of delicious cannabis-infused edibles, appreciates the choice that people make to follow a vegan diet. For the uninitiated it’s often the misperception that choosing to eat vegan means you have to sacrifice flavor, texture, or fun. Coda Signature crushes this point with their amazing vegan-friendly line of delicious edibles. 

And if it weren’t enough to enjoy their cannabis vegan edibles by themselves Coda Signature’s team of culinary geniuses gave us the scoop on how they like to enjoy their vegan cannabis edibles. Check out some of their favorite delicious vegan recipes below! BTW – whether you choose to enjoy Coda’s  handcrafted edibles by the piece or as part of a recipe, we always recommend that if you are new to cannabis edibles to start with a low dose and go slow with your consumption. 

Fire & Orange Infused Chocolate Bar

Made with 70% South American cacao, burnt sugar crystals, blood orange, and chili, Coda Signature’s cannabis infused Fire & Orange Chocolate Bar is vegan friendly and has just the right amount of heat. For dinner, mix a few 5 mg pieces of Fire & Orange with this vegetarian chile recipe from allrecipes.com for a flavor reminiscent of the classic Mexican chocolate mole.  

Cherry & Sarsaparilla Fruit Note Gummies

If you’re all in for vegan edibles, look no further than Coda’s Fruit Notes! All of their Fruit Note Gummy flavors are vegan friendly, as they’re created with fruit-based pectin instead of gelatin. The pectin gives these cannabis confections a pillowy texture and makes them heat-resistant (they won’t melt unless heated by a stove or oven).  Coda’s edibles team loves the Cherry & Sarsaparilla Fruit Note cannabis gummies for its nostalgic flavor and medicinal roots.  Top this recipe for Vegan Chocolate Cola Cake with a Cherry & Sarsaparilla Fruit Note for a special treat.

Mango & Chili Lime Fruit Note Gummies

The Coda kitchen team was unanimous on this one.  They all love creating an infused spicy mango salsa for dipping with freshly baked tortilla chips.

This vegan recipe is as delicious as it is colorful.  

  • Chop a ripe mango, a bright red bell pepper, a firm red onion, a spicy jalapeno, and a small fistful of cilantro and put them in a bowl
  • Mix with the juice of two limes and then salt to taste
  • Dip a chip into the salsa and top with a Mango & Chile Lime Fruit Note gummie

Enjoy as much salsa as you like, but be careful with the Fruit Notes.  Each one of these edible delights is packed with 5 mg THC.