Fairwinds Cannabis

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Fairwinds Cannabis

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  • CBD-ZERO Canister-Box


  • Fairwinds-Zero-THC-Free-Broad-Spectrum-Oil-1000-x-1000

    Zero – Broad Spectrum Oil

  • Release-Vape-Cartridge-CBD-and-THC-500mg

    Release Vape

  • Fairwinds-Release-Tincture-CBD

    Release Tincture – CBD


    Release Tincture



  • Fairwinds-Ration-51-Vape-Catridge-1000x1000

    Ratio 5:1 Vape

  • cbd-ratio-tincture-cbd-and-thc-5to1-15-servings

    Ratio 5:1 Tincture

  • cbd-ratio-capsules-cbd-and-thc-5to1-10-capsules

    Ratio 5:1 Capsules

  • Fairwinds-Ration-201-Vape-Catridge-1000x1000

    Ratio 20:1 Vape

  • cbd-ratio-tincture-cbd-and-thc-20to1-15-servings

    Ratio 20:1 Tincture

  • cbd-ratio-capsules-cbd-and-thc-20to1-10-capsules

    Ratio 20:1 Capsules

  • Fairwinds-Ration-101-Vape-Catridge-1000x1000

    Ratio 10:1 Vape

  • RATIO TINC 10to1 ANGLE-1

    Ratio 10:1 Tincture

  • CBD-Ratio-Capsules-CBD-and-THC-10to1-10-Capsules

    Ratio 10:1 Capsules

  • Fairwinds-Ration-11-Vape-Catridge-1000x1000

    Ratio 1:1 Vape

  • cbd-ratio-tincture-cbd-and-thc-1to1-15-servings

    Ratio 1:1 Tincture

  • CBD-Ratio-Capsules-CBD-and-THC-1to1-10-Capsules

    Ratio 1:1 Capsules

  • PTSfree-10-Capsules-CBD-and-THC-for-Everyday-PTSD


  • PM-Relief-Sativa-Effect-CBD-and-THC-10-Capsules

    PM Relief

  • PM-Relief-Sativa-Effect-CBD-and-THC-Tincture-27-Servings

    PM 300 Relief

  • Fairwinds-O-Intimate-Lubricant-1000-x-1000

    O Intimate Lubricant

  • Fairwinds-lifestyle-tincture-sativa-1000x1000

    Lifestyle Sativa Tincture

  • Lifestyle Capsules Sativa Angle-1

    Lifestyle Sativa Capsule

  • Lifestyle-Indica-THC-Tincture-10-Servings

    Lifestyle Indica Tincture

  • Lifestyle Capsule Indica Angle-1

    Lifestyle Indica Capsule

  • Fairwinds-Catapult-Cannibis-Infused-Hot-Mocha-Coffee-1000-x-1000

    Hot Mocha Coffee

  • Flow-RollOn-RS-WhiteBG-1000x1000

    Flow Roll-On

  • Flow-CBD-and-THC-Topical-Gel-30G-1000-x-1000

    FLOW Gel

  • Flow-CBD-and-THC-Topical-Cream-30G-1000-x-1000

    FLOW Cream

  • Fairwinds-Flow-CBD-Relief-Cream-1000-x-1000

    FLOW CBD Pain Relief Cream


    Feminine Relief

  • full-extract-cannabis-oil-2to1-feco-10-capsules

    FECO 2:1 Capsule

  • full-extract-cannabis-oil-10to1-feco-10-capsules

    FECO 10:1 Capsule

  • full-extract-cannabis-oil-10to1-for-feco-dispenser

    FECO 10:1

  • full-extract-cannabis-oil-1to10-for-feco-dispenser

    FECO 1:10

  • full-extract-cannabis-oil-1to1-for-feco-dispenser

    FECO 1:1

  • Fairwinds-Digestify-Tincutre-CBD

    Digestify Tincture – CBD

  • digestify-tincture-cbd-and-thc-15-servings

    Digestify Tincture

  • deep-sleep-cbd-15-capsules

    Deeper Sleep Capsules

  • deep-sleep-cbd-and-thc-vape-cartridge-500mg

    Deep Sleep Vape

  • Fairwinds-Deep-Sleep-CBD-Tincture

    Deep Sleep Tincture – CBD

  • Deep-Sleep-CBD-and-THC-Tincture-15-Servings-1

    Deep Sleep Tincture

  • Champion-CBD-and-THC-Tincture

    Companion Tincture

  • FLow-Companion-Full-Spectrum-CBD-Oil-1000-x-1000

    Companion – Full Spectrum Oil

  • Fairwinds-Catapult-Coffee-1000-x-1000

    Catapult Coffee

  • fairwinds-amrelief capsule angle

    AM Relief

  • am-relief-sativa-cbd-and-thc-tincture-14g-27-servings

    AM 300 Relief

Fairwinds Cannabis is a multi-award winning wellness company that leads the industry in providing solution-based cannabis products to support a higher quality of life. The company’s mission is to create a diverse line of the most effective, natural cannabis products to promote independence through personal health and wellness.

At Fairwinds, we specialize in producing the highest quality cannabis products available with a foundation of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine philosophies. Our team of chemists, engineers, and MD’s has dedicated themselves to empowering society with the tools nature intended.

Innovative. Sustainable. Pesticide-free. Fairwinds flower is cultivated in-house with pharmaceutical quality manufacturing standards and beneficial insects for preventative measures. Our state of the art cultivation facility operates on a semi-automated atmospheric control system that controls everything from humidity to CO2, tracking data throughout the entire process. In addition to carbon filters, each flower room is kept sterile and free of mildew/mold and pests by scrubbing the air with a top of the line HVAC system, removing any impurities with entirety. Running a hydroponic system through three perpetual flower rooms, our plants rely on precise and calculated feeding schedules to cut back on waste and resources.

Fairwinds may be considered as a nutraceutical company, blending ancient herbal supplements with pharmaceutical quality manufacturing techniques to create the most effective cannabis products available. Using only full-flower during extraction (zero trim), each Fairwinds product starts with a base of golden cannabis extract from the highest potency material. Our flower is extracted using a proprietary medical grade hydrocarbon blend for a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial cannabis constituents. After further refinement, all Fairwinds oil contains zero remaining solvents for the finished product to ensure the highest quality products for your wellness.

Apart from quality cannabis extracts, many Fairwinds products also rely on powerful herbal and essential oil blends to further enhance the effects in a botanical synergy. Our lab team consists of a combined total of nearly 30 years experience in chemistry and Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicine. Leveraging ancient formulas and philosophies against modern cannabis science, each Fairwinds product is a unique solution-based formula designed for optimal assistance and effectiveness. Working alongside some of the leading cannabis medical professionals and testing facilities in the country the Fairwinds lab team is a national leader in cannabis technology & innovation.

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