METER-CUSTOM-NO-MESS Meter-1200x450-1
  • METER-PRODUCT-DAILY1000x1000png-19

    Under-tongue Tabs Daily 15mg

  • METER-PRODUCT-CALM1000x1000png-20

    Under-tongue Tabs Calm 15mg


    Direct Relief Roll-On

We created Meter because we love CBD but dislike the experience of taking it in oils and tinctures. Like you, we put up with the disagreeable taste while we tried to hold the puddle of oil under our tongue. We tried pills and edibles but then learned that a lot of CBD gets metabolized away when it’s swallowed. So, we brought on some of the best scientists to convert pure hemp extract into oil-free, under-tongue, rapid dissolve tabs. The result is even better than we expected. In addition to creating a far superior user experience, it gets more of the full dose to the bloodstream than oils or edibles. And, when you bypass the stomach, the results become consistent and precise. We gave Meter a subtle wintergreen flavor while it melts completely under your tongue in about a minute and goes to work in about 10. Our first product is DAILY with 15mg of pure CBD. More formulations to come.

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