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  • Product Image 1000x1000 gummies

    Passion Fruit CBD Gummies

  • Nordic wildberry product image 800x

    Nordic Wildberry CBD Gummies

  • Product Image 1000x1000 NANO

    Nano CBD Tincture – 250mg

  • Product Image 1000x1000 Softgels

    Nano CBD Soft Gels

  • Product Image 1000x1000 founders

    Founder’s Reserve – High Potency CBD Tincture 1500mg

  • Product Image 1000x1000 healingSalve

    CBD Healing Salve 750mg – Eucalyptus & Lavender

  • AMALFI LEMON product image PROPER 800x

    Amalfi Coast Lemon CBD Gummies

We’ve rethought CBD at every stage of the process. From the curated, organically grown hemp extracted without the use of harmful solvents to the high-end miron glass packaging used to keep out damaging light, to the fact that we double lab test our products for quality, purity and efficacy.

The final result of all this painstaking effort, lead us to the name Modern Love —quite simply, a new way to practice wellness and self-care… a modern way to truly love yourself.

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