Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles, California

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  • WiNK Travel Kit2 1000x1000-Zoom

    W!NK Travel Kit

  • WiNK CBD Spa Essentials Kit 1000x1000

    W!NK Spa Essentials Kit

  • WiNK Sig Pen Box 1000x1000


  • wink-cbd-sea-salt-scrub

    W!NK Pomegranate + Eucalyptus Sea Salt CBD Body Scrub

  • WiNK CBD Face Cream 1000x1000

    W!NK Nourish Face Cream

  • WiNK Lip Duo 1000x1000

    W!NK Lip Balm + Scrub Duo

  • WINK Hydrate- CBD FACE AND BODY LOTION 1000x1000-Zoom

    W!NK Hydrate Face + Body Lotion

  • WiNK CBD Spa Facial Kit 1000x1000

    W!NK Facial Starter Kit

  • WiNK defend Sunscreen 1000x1000

    W!NK Defend SPF 30 Sunscreen

  • WiNK Refill Cart 1000x1000

    W!NK CBD Vaporizer Cartridge

  • wink-cbd-tincture

    W!NK CBD Tincture

  • WiNK Mini Pen Kit 1000x1000

    W!NK CBD Mini Pen Kit

  • W NK Go Pen BOX PEN 1000x1000

    W!NK CBD Go Pen

  • WiNK CBD Gel Caps NEW 1000x1000

    W!NK CBD Gel Caps

  • WiNK CBD Face Mask 3 1000x1000

    W!NK CBD Face Mask

  • WiNK CBD Eye Cream 1000x1000

    W!NK CBD Eye Lift Cream

  • wink-cbd-body-salve

    W!NK CBD Body Salve

  • WINK BATH SALT 1000x1000-Zoom

    W!NK CBD Bath Salts

  • wink-cbd-sugar-scrub

    W!NK Apricot + Vanilla Sugar CBD Body Scrub

  • WINK 078

    Liquid Stevia CBD Enriched

  • wink-cbd-face-serum

    Facial Serum CBD Enriched

Was that a wink?

Sometimes you’re not so sure, are you? A wink can be subtle, discreet and can mean anything. It can also be fun, forward and a great way to start a conversation.

We created WINK because we knew women deserved more than what they were being offered – and because we wanted you to be able to choose your conversation. Whether you prefer to WINK discreetly, or share what you know – we support your decision. We built our brand as women for women, and because of women.

The founder of WINK began developing customized cannabis products to help a friend battling cancer and its treatment in 2015. It was then that she realized she could fill a massive void in the alternative health market. WINK was established in 2015 to offer products that restore women’s power: that allows them the option of how little or how much, that delivers consistent results and that bestows its benefits discreetly. WINK has quickly grown to include a series of products aimed at educating and empowering women who want to enjoy the therapeutic effects of cannabis and hemp (CBD) products. We work with responsible farmers to grow certified pesticide-free cannabis and oversee a production process that keeps our oils free of any solvent residues or contaminants. We import hemp plants from Europe to create our CBD products. This ensures our CBD contains less than 0.3% THC and is FDA approved. And we do this because we care about you. We want you to have the cleanest, most pure experience with our products.

Because that’s what you deserve (wink).

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