As Three Wells’ Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Deborah Malka MD, PhD (aka Dr. Debbie) brings over 30 yrs. of medical and cannabis experience to visitors like you. Dr. Debbie plays a vital role in helping us to bring you the latest, and most accurate, CBD and cannabis-related information to help you live your best life.

30 yrs. and 300,000 Patients

Deborah Malka MD, PhD (Dr. Debbie) is a physician specializing in cannabis medical consultations in the Central Coast of California. Prior to clinical practice, Dr. Debbie completed her PhD in Human Genetics from Columbia University, and studied both natural and traditional medicine, with degrees from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine. She has previously served as the medical director for MediCann Inc., a group of clinics providing medical marijuana evaluations in California, serving over 300,000 patients.

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Need A Cannabis Doctor’s Advice?

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If you are looking for the advice of a trained and experienced cannabis medical doctor to know what CBD or cannabis to use and how much to use? You can speak live with our very own Dr. Debbie by booking a live, virtual paid-consultation with Dr. Debbie where she can give you the personalized attention and advice you want.
Here is how it works.

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3. The fee for a consultation is: $100 for 15 minutes / $175 for 30 minutes
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