The Magic Buzz – Relax Formulation

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Experience the layered effects of whole leaf tea extracts, herbal infusions and THC. Sweetened with agave and monk fruit. Relax and unwind with this acai-berry blend infused with green tea, CBD, antioxidants and Hybrid THC.

Relax and unwind with this minty infused blend with green tea, antioxidants and hybrid THC. Now featuring our new Nano-Emulsion Technology!

•Green Tea Leaf Extract
•Yerba Mate
•Hybrid Cannabis Oil
•Ginko Bilboa
•Lemon Balm Extract
•Milk Thistle Extract
•Blueberry Extract

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10mg, 40mg

THC Content

10mg, 40mg

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magic buzz

Magic Buzz

Denver, Colorado

Magic Buzz THC products are infused with Organa Labs certified CO 2 oil ensuring and pure, balanced and consistent experience every time.