Hello Again Everyday

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Created for menopause, but helping women of all ages, Hello Again vaginal suppositories help women feel like themselves again. Hello Again combines cannabis with other botanicals to fight pain, boost mood, increase energy, bring focus, regulate body temperature and address dryness. The vaginal delivery system allows the use of THC without a psychoactive high. Feel GYNOMITE!

Cocoa butter, avocado oil, Green Tea Extract, Schisandra, Hops Extract, THC/CBD distallate, Apple Cider Vinegar, Rose Geranium, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin E, Helichrysum

Use your index finger to insert well into your vagina. Effects can be felt in less than an hour. Effects may vary. Can be used daily.

8 CBD: 1 THC/16mg CBD/2 mg THC


Clear mind. Good Moods. Less Sweat.

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