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You might be wondering, “What is Three Wells?” or “Why did we create Three Wells?” or our favorite question, “Why did we name the company Three Wells?” The story of Three Wells is a very personal one for us, Jason and Gregg (co-founders), and we are happy to share it with you.

What is Three Wells?

Three Wells is the first and only website created specifically for mature adults like us searching for trustworthy information and education about CBD and cannabis products. Every day at Three Wells we do our best to demystify this new world of CBD and cannabis so grown-ups like us can discover ways to use the plant and have easy access to purchase it where it is legal to do so.

The website is also a place for those that want to connect with other people and experts about the health and wellness benefits of CBD and cannabis. A place to hear how others use CBD (hemp) and cannabis plants to get more out of life, and a place to share your experiences too.

Our commitment to you is to uphold the highest of standards when it comes to the products, education and retailers you will find on Three Wells. We review every product and retailer before they go on our website. We filter out products that aren’t right for mature adults, make false claims, can’t certify their ingredients, or don’t adhere to testing standards. We also review retailers to make sure they are licensed, reputable and share a focus on the health and wellness of mature adults.

Why Did We Create Three Wells?

Three Wells was born from our personal medical journeys. A few years ago, Gregg and I were both suffering from debilitating chronic back pain and our search for something, anything, to take away the pain without getting addicted to opioids became our primary focus in life – next to our families of course. Gregg and I have been friends for almost two decades and both of us, coincidentally, had similar injuries that led to severe chronic back pain. Over the years we each tried innumerable treatments, opioids, ointments, tinctures, therapies and the list went on. Nothing took away the pain.

What we didn’t know was that each of us began looking into CBD and cannabis as a possible solution. Independently we each scoured the internet, talked to doctors (the few that had any knowledge of the plants) and read numerous articles and books. We both, unknown to the other, spent countless hours trying to find credible CBD and cannabis information and products-ones that we could trust. It was all too hard and time consuming.

One night after work we each shared with the other how we had been researching the possible benefits of CBD and cannabis – and how hard it was to get trusted information that was for people our age. That’s when our research and experimentation came together. Together we quickly discovered that cannabis-based products provided the greatest dependable pain reduction – that wasn’t an opioid. While cannabis and CBD didn’t take away the pain completely, they did make things a lot more bearable during the worst bouts and did so with no side effects. CBD and cannabis products also helped both of us avoid highly-addictive opioids. Why did we want to avoid opioids? Because they kill 130 people a day in the US and are highly addictive. 1.7 million US citizens – our friends, neighbors and loved ones – are addicted to these prescription drugs. (*)

Over that same period of time, we each began to share our recovery stories, with CBD and cannabis being the real heros. As we shared our story with family and friends we started to hear about their own experiments to find relief, through CBD and cannabis, for a wide variety of ailments like insomnia, nausea, cramps, seizures, cancer, etc. Now here’s where the journey follows that old saying “truth is often stranger than fiction”. Gregg and I ended up having the same spinal surgery to resolve our back pain — I’m happy to report our surgeries combined with the right use of CBD and cannabis have helped us both immensely.

That’s when Gregg and I decided we had to do something to help other mature adults more easily find trusted CBD and cannabis information, education and safe products. Cannabis has too many benefits for too many people and, to date, has been trapped behind negative stigma and false information. Our answer to all of this – Three Wells. We launched Three Wells in June of 2018 and we’ve quickly grown to become the trusted resource for helping guide mature adults to be well, live well and do.

This ambition, this calling, gave birth to the company as well as our name.

Where Did the Name Three Wells Come From?

Like we hinted to above, our name, Three Wells, came from us wanting to help people our age to be well – physically and emotionally – through cannabis. We knew that if we could help people to be well we’d be doing everything we could to help them live well – healthy, happy and prosperous lives. By being well and living well we are able to give everyone we touch the ability to go out into the world and do well – help friends and family, the community, or the world at large; any act of love and kindness that makes the world a better place.

That’s where our name came from – Be Well. Live Well. Do Well. – Three Wells. Everyday this is what we strive to do for as many people as we can.

We are just beginning this journey and we have big aspirations for helping the world through CBD and cannabis. We’re excited that you’ve taken the time to visit us and we hope, in whatever way we can, bring some joy to your life.

Jason & Gregg

Three Wells Co-Founders

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We pride ourselves on bringing you the best information and education we can but we aren’t doctors here at Three Wells so we don’t offer medical advice here or anywhere else online that you find Three Wells content. Please do the right thing and consult your own doctor before taking any medicines. The products on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you want all of the legalese you can see our full disclaimer in our terms of use.

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