Cannabis 4 Wellness, and 20 Tips to Help You Enjoy It on 4/20.

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4/20 is traditionally a day of cannabis celebration. While the history of why we celebrate the plant today and where the name came from is interesting, it’s what cannabis can do for us now that’s truly exciting. If you want to read up on 4/20 (April 20th), here’s a great article we wrote about the day and its history. 


This year, we’re focusing on giving you some interesting facts and usable tips for this special day. We call it:


Cannabis 4 wellness and 20 tips to help you enjoy it.


  1. Go easy on the edibles. They can take up to an hour to have an effect on you. Start with 5mg of THC, wait an hour and then take more if you like.
  2. Smoking. Like our article says, keep your lungs strong to resist the coronavirus by not smoking. A good alternative is using a good full flower vaporizer.
  3. Mango. The myrcene terpenes can help amplify the effect of cannabis. Eat mango an hour before taking cannabis and it may intensify your experience.
  4. Protect against Covid-19. Smoking cannabis is often a social activity with plenty of sharing of smokables. Either stop sharing or get accessories like protective mouthpieces.
  5. Top Shelf. If you smoke your cannabis, avoid “top shelf”. If your inhalation doesn’t get all the way to your lungs and gets caught in your chest, causing you to cough, that’s “top shelf”.. To avoid this, try not to talk or laugh when you inhale, and inhale deeply.
  6. Stay below 340 on 420. If you cook with cannabis, don’t go above 340 degrees Fahrenheit–it will reduce the effectiveness of your cannabis. Here’s a great article on making edibles with cannabis. 
  7. They can smell it. Don’t fool yourself. Incense, fans, candles, etc. don’t really mask the smell of your cannabis indoors. Try cooking some bacon instead. It does a very good job and makes a great snack!
  8. Stigma. if you or a friend still think cannabis is a gateway drug, open your mind and read this article.
  9. SLGS. Start Low and Go Slow! Enjoy the journey; start with no more than 5mg of THC and increase your dosage slowly.
  10. TBreak. If you’re building a tolerance to cannabis, take a “tolerance break” or TBreak. It’s best to take 2 weeks off. If you don’t to stop completely you can reduce slowly, but you need to stick with it for at least 40 days. Here’s some advice.
  11. Grind it! Grinding your weed gives it more surface area, allowing it to burn more evenly and slowly. Bust up your bud with a good grinder.
  12. DUI. Use your head and know the law. Driving under the influence of cannabis is the same as driving drunk. Don’t do it!
  13. The company you keep. The way to stay calm when you are using cannabis is to take it in a safe and relaxing space with people you trust.
  14. Hydrate. Drink fluids like an athlete! Smoking cannabis can dehydrate you.
  15. Store tinctures properly. Keep the temperature below 75 degrees (the cooler the better – but don’t freeze!), and keep them in a dark place.
  16. Too high? Wait it off.  Drink water if you can. Definitely don’t combine with alcohol, stay in a calm safe place, and wait for it to wear off.
  17. Decarboxylate. It’s a real thing if you want to cook with raw flower cannabis. You have to decarboxylate it first. Grind it up over a cooking sheet and roast it in the oven for one hour at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Read this before making your edibles.  
  18. Store it right.To keep your cannabis fresh and potent put it in a mason jar in a dark place, keep the temperature below 75 degrees (the cooler the better, but not the freezer) and keep it between 59% and 63% relative humidity.
  19. State Lines. If you can travel now, remember that taking THC or non-hemp CBD over state lines is illegal in most areas of the country. 
  20. Lock it Up. This is especially important for edibles! Keep them well hidden and locked in a box so kids and pets don’t accidentally ingest your cannabis. 


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