Cannabis and Women: A Natural Healing Pair


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As people across the nation open up their minds and laws to medicinal cannabis use, we as a community are becoming more educated and aware of the plant’s composition and potential. Cannabis is regaining its position as the mother plant of natural healing, offering a wide range of benefits thanks to its wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes and compound combinations. For some, it is replacing Tylenol® and Advil®; for others, phenobarbital. And when it comes to women’s health, it is providing a full spectrum of benefits.

Studies have shown that estrogen levels enhance sensitivity to the compounds found in cannabis. Given the plant’s molecular similarities to estrogen, and the manner in which it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, cannabis is helping women treat the source of hormonal imbalance symptoms, as well as a myriad of other female-specific issues, naturally.


A Natural Remedy Produced Naturally

For many women, how a product is made is equally important to its usefulness, and cannabis products are no different. Medicinal cannabis production preferably  occurs within organic soil. Fertilizers are kept to a minimum and pesticide use is optimally next to nothing. Some growers only use natural sunlight depending upon their geographic location. In tune with the unique elements of these plants, grow facilities may cultivate some 130 strains of the plant, knowing that each varietal can benefit individual patients differently. To ensure high quality products, reputable brands that create oils, tinctures, and concentrates must ensure that the extraction and distillation processes are clean and consistent. These processes may vary from company to company, and the use of CO2 is quickly becoming a preferred extraction standard for high quality brands.

From seed to sale, the cannabis business has also seen a rise in eco-friendly packaging. Recycled plastics and papers are paired with biodegradable inks and package fillers to bring consumers an eco-conscious cannabis experience. “Going green” takes on a whole new meaning.


All Natural Additions

Cannabis-infused products are a great way to enjoy the benefits of multiple plants and minerals from a single source. From foods to tinctures, balms and bath bombs, the healing benefits of the plant are paired with other natural curative products such as cacao, ghee, coconut oil, essential oils, Shea Butter and beeswax, among many others. Blends to assist with digestion, energy, stress, anxiety, pain, soreness and wound care include combinations of cannabis extracts and natural elements that work together in the body. Even skincare lines are incorporating the benefits of CBD into their eye creams, toners and sunscreens. These powerful combinations of natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and neuroprotectors can be applied to so many areas of our lives, and they are becoming an everyday part of them. With this in mind, it becomes apparent why choosing products that contain all-natural ingredients is important for so many women.


Tailored to Her

There are plenty of cannabis options that are not defined by gender and there are many brands and services that tailor to men. Women, however, are enjoying a heightened awareness in the market, thanks to the benefits the plant provides to female-specific conditions. Some believe this has a lot to do with anandamide, also known as the “Bliss Molecule.”

Anandamide is an endocannabinoid, meaning it is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid, and neurotransmitter. Named after the Sanskrit term for joy/bliss “ananda,” the molecule is recognized to produce a state of heightened happiness. But that’s not all. It also serves a high-functioning role in memory, motivation, higher thought processes and movement control. It plays an equally important role in pain, appetite and fertility. These roles are dependent upon its location in the body, from the brain to the uterus.

Low levels of anandamide may drain your happiness and mental energy while possibly increasing fear and anxiety. Because THC’s chemical structure is similar to the anandamide chemical found in the brain, the body allows THC to serve as a surrogate activator of cannabinoid receptors typically primed for the bliss molecule. Through the activation of CB1 receptors (found mainly in the brain), THC is able to influence various mental and physical functions including pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, movement coordination and sensory perception.

Moving from brain to body, the uterus has the highest concentration of the cannabinoid anandamide. This means that women have more opportunity to experience the benefits of increases and regulations of the transmitter. Consuming CBD oil inhibits the breakdown of the bliss molecule and promotes more production of it when someone has low or suboptimal anandamide levels. Further, consumption of CBD works with the body’s entire endocannabinoid system to increase CB2 receptor function and flow, meaning the bliss molecule can travel easily from body to brain.


Finding the Right Cannabis Products for Women

When it comes to ways to consume cannabis for adults, your options are almost as wide as your imagination. If you’re looking for flower, there are beautiful, incredible and organic strains to try. If you’re looking to avoid smoking there are oils, tinctures edibles and infusions. From vaporizing cannabis or CBD oil to ingesting and digesting, you can tailor your dose and timing to suit your needs. The women-centric brand W!NK has built its entire garden of goods on understanding the different styles and tastes of women cannabis users. The brand offers low-dose THC oils, tinctures and sugars alongside CBD-only products that includes a skincare line. Boasting all-natural ingredients and female-specific guides, products and philanthropic endeavors, it is a great brand to get to know, as you get to know your journey into cannabis.


Founder and CEO of W!NK, Stacy Verbiest is dedicated to developing and distributing a high-quality, all-natural line of CBD oils, balms and blends that empower women to manage their wellness. For more information on W!NK products and spas, visit