Cannabis vs CBD. Get Answers from the Experts.

Three Wells CBD vs Cannabis Event

Read Time: 3:00 Mins.

In the world of cannabis for adults, it often seems there are more questions than trusted answers. We understand this reality, and our mission is to help educate adults about traditional cannabis, hemp, and the promise of CBD. Live, in-person events are one way to learn, and we recently held our inaugural wellness event about cannabis versus CBD to get answers from the experts.

On the evening of Wednesday, June 5, Three Wells took over the elegant El Camp co-working space in El Segundo, California along with our sponsor, Greenspark, a marketing agency committed to demystifying and de-stigmatizing cannabis for adults. This event was for adults interested in having their questions answered by unbiased professionals. Our goal was to help people make better decisions on how or whether to use traditional cannabis or CBD for themselves and their loved ones.


Answers from Passionate Experts

Tracy RyanHosted by Three Wells co-founder Jason Turner, the audience paid rapt attention to presentations starting with Tracy Ryan, Founder and CEO of CannaKids, a research-backed company started by Tracy and her husband to create cannabis products needed to save their child from recurring brain tumors. Tracy told Sophie’s raw, yet heartwarming story of how high-potency medical cannabis oil helps Sophie thrive to this day. CannaKids is now an international company providing vital medical cannabis oil tinctures and other products to patients of all ages.



Stacey Verbiest followed Tracy and spoke about wellness and CBD. The Founder and CEO of W!NK, her company creates therapeutic, all-natural CBD oils, balms and blends aimed at easing women’s mental, emotional, and physical ailments. Stacey created the company after developing products for her best friend who was diagnosed with cancer. Stacey comes from a place of healing and graciously shared her thoughts (and samples!) about health, wellness, and CBD.



Three Wells co-founder Gregg Apirian then took the stage to moderate a panel discussion with diverse perspectives. Stacey and Tracy were joined by Jason Manasse of Kush Supply Co., a company that offers wide-ranging services for CBD and cannabis products. Roger Obando, a co-founder of Baker Technologies, also joined the panel. Baker Technologies creates software for cannabis dispensaries to better help and support their customers.



A Genuine Community Event

It was a relaxed, yet attentive atmosphere that lasted until 10 p.m., well beyond the scheduled stopping time. Over the course of the evening, the speakers and audience members discussed common uses for CBD, as well as differences between traditional cannabis containing THC and CBD products made from hemp. Audience members also asked questions about how CBD and THC work with our bodies, and how both may improve our well-being and health.


Our many thanks go to Eric Johnson, Bree Bandy, Sam Helphand, and the entire El Camp and Greenspark teams for all their tremendous help and support in making this event happen. When the video is ready, we’ll post a link so you may learn from the experts as well.

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Philip Rebentisch is a Contributing Editor to Three Wells. He is also the host of the podcast Cannabis For the Rest of Us on Apple Podcasts, sponsored by Three Wells.