How to Cook with Cannabis from Chef Matt

Read Time: 3:00 Mins.Creating cannabis-infused meals at home is an excellent way to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis. Plus, cooking with cannabis is a fun and rewarding experience, and you get to eat the fruits of your labor so to speak.

For this article, I’ll give you information on how to prepare Blackened Salmon and Asparagus. Here are the basics about this meal:

  1. Flavor Profile: Smokey, citrus, and sweet.
  2. Prep Time: 20 mins, great for dinner.
  3. Experience: Beginner level, very easy.
  4. Effects: With 20 mg of THC per serving, and 25 mg of CBD, the effects will be very calming and soothing.


The Ingredients

2 pieces of salmon, 4-6 oz. each.

2 TBS blackened seasoning.

2 TBS CannaButter.

2 TBS CBDailyeats Honey.

1 Lemon, quartered.


The Recipe

1. Season Salmon with Blackened Seasoning.

2. Add one TBS Cannabutter to saute pan.

3. Add salmon, presentation side down. Cook 3-4 mins then flip and repeat, then plate.

4. Blanche asparagus in the pot, 2-3 mins. Add 1 TBS CannaButter to saute pan and add blanched asparagus. Season with blackened seasoning and saute for 3-4 mins.

5. Add asparagus to plate and drizzle with CBDailyeats Honey and Lemon.


Cannabis Content

20 mg THC per serving

25 mg CBD per serving

Remember, don’t break the GLASS Rule: Go Low and Start Slow when it comes to THC content. Always inform your guests about the amount of THC and CBD content in the meal and be a good host by staying aware of how everyone is feeling. Remember, edibles affect people in different ways over different periods of time.

Does this recipe sound like a winner? Prepare it and let us know how it goes! Bon Appetit!

Whether its CBD or THC infused edibles, Chef Matt does it all, and he’s in the process of launching his new brand, Chef Matt Signature Products. As the go-to chef in Los Angeles for cannabis events, Matt stays very busy. From co-hosting CBD Sundays to catering prestigious CannaGatherLA events, Chef Matt can take the heat and loves to be in the kitchen.

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