CBD Gift Ideas for Dad

Father and Son

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I’m lucky to have a family who believes that Father’s Day is something to celebrate together but also builds in some “me time.” We typically start off with a family breakfast when my son gives me his handmade card and it always warms my heart. My wife knows me well enough not to buy Father’s Day shirts, ties, or socks for this dad. In years past, I’ve enjoyed a nice afternoon Scotch paired with an excellent cigar on my patio, reflecting on my family and what may lay ahead. On Father’s Day this Sunday, I’m going to change things up and enjoy the relaxing, healthier benefits of a CBD vape pen. The guys at Three Wells thought there may be spouses and adult children who like that idea, so we came up with some helpful CBD gift ideas for dad to help your dad enjoy his day.


CBD Gift Ideas for Dad on His Day

Since this is my plan for the day, let’s start with vapes. They are discrete, easy to store and provide many sessions of uncompromising relaxation. HoneyVape’s Trident Pen is 36.08% CBD, 1.62% THC, and 1.09% CBG. Yes, there’s a little THC in the mix, but not enough to get you lightheaded around the family. HoneyVape also offers a Trident cartridge, one of the most CBD-rich vapes available. It’s perfect for those dads who want deep relaxation, but don’t want the psychoactive effects with 44.1% CBD and only 2.2% THC.

Our friends at Flav® have a line of CBD vape pens with 13 flavors ranging from Banana to Vanilla. Their ultra-refined organic cannabidiol oil provides a relaxing CBD vaping experience. Flav’s Mood Pens are THC-free and infused with the highest-grade aromatherapy terpenes.

Lola Lola™offers calming relief with its sophisticated CBD vape cartridge delivering a smooth, high-quality, and potent experience. Their CBD oils are finely tuned to bring forward the best flavors and effects of the plant.


Workout. Recover. Relax. Repeat.

If your idea of relaxation includes working out, shooting hoops, or running a Father’s Day 10K (yes, they exist), then you may want some post-workout pain relief. Studies show that CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that helps with pain management. There are many topical lotions, sprays, and balms available that allow you to place the medicine exactly where you need it. Pure Ratios 1:1 roll-on is easily applied for aches and pains and absorbs quickly. It is also infused with Arnica for additional pain relief. Rx CannaCare’s CBD-infused Rub Cream features pure USA-grown CBD oil with a cooling and warming finish. Aloe and menthol also work naturally to help relieve pains, cramps, muscle tension, joint stiffness, and inflammation.

Santa Cruz Medicinals Pain Cream is perfect for sore and achy joints and muscles. With no toxic ingredients, it is nourishing for the skin. Rub it into your painful areas and let the anti-inflammatory process take place. It also smells amazing without being too floral with an earthy peppermint, bergamot, and eucalyptus smell.

If back pain is an issue, Soothe, from Octavis Wellness offers a unique spray for your back and other hard-to-reach areas. The quick-drying, no-mess formula is infused with CBD, turmeric, and celery seed, along with eucalyptus for its antibacterial properties.


CBD Tinctures for Dad

Tinctures are a very discrete way to use CBD and quickly gets CBD into your body. You can also use them straight (no chaser) by placing a few drops under your tongue, in drinks, or on food. The Venice Cookie Company, a maker of excellent edibles, expanded into CBD tinctures which are vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free. If you’re in need of serious recovery options, Rx CannaCare offers CBD tinctures in 3000 or 6000 mg versions, as does Santa Cruz Medicinals with 5000 mg in a 4 oz. bottle.

There are more CBD gift ideas for dad on our site to help your dad enjoy his day. However you and your family choose to celebrate Father’s Day, we hope it you brings joy, wellness, and fulfillment. Drop us a line and let us know about your day. Log in and comment, or get on our social channels.

John Ansimoore covers all things cannabis for Three Wells.