How to Shop for CBD and Cannabis This Holiday Season

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Looking to take advantage of the great deals on CBD and cannabis this holiday season? Here is a wealth of tips and tricks on how to shop for CBD and cannabis this holiday season. Just like shopping for non-cannabis products, the most important thing is – have a plan and set a budget! 

First, Are You Shopping for Yourself or Someone Else?

Who are you shopping for? Are you the picky type and just want to pick something out yourself and tell your spouse exactly what to get you? If shopping for yourself, select your cannabis based on your condition or desired affect.

THC-dominant products  – good for pain, glaucoma, anti-inflammatory, muscle spasm or appetite. Each cannabis strain has particular value for specific conditions:

  • Sativa – is stimulating and uplifting, but can be disorienting. Use it for depression, fatigue or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
  • Indica – is relaxing, sedating, and some feel it’s best for body relaxation. Use it for unwinding and sleep.
  • Hybrids – will vary and are often the best option for some conditions.

CBD-dominant products – generally relaxing and used for anxiety relief. They also provide anti-inflammatory benefits for joint pain, arthritis, numbness in the limbs and muscle spasm, as well as protection of nerve cells and the nervous system.

After you decide what type of cannabis product you want, next you’ll want to select the appropriate method of delivery. Not all methods are the same. Inhalation (smoking or vaping) is short acting and comes on quickly. Sublingual (tinctures, lozenges, etc) offers moderate onset and last 4-6 hours so you can use 3-4 times a day. Edibles come on the slowest and last the longest, for doses 2-3 times a day.

If shopping for someone else – what’s the person’s cannabis maturity level? If the person is new to cannabis, think about buying them something easy to consume and fun like a bag of CBD-infused coffee from Hakuna Supply or fruit-flavored cannabis gummies from Wana Brands or Papa & Barkley

If the person is a cannabis aficionado, go for something they may have never thought to try before like the new CBD rapid-dissolving tabs from Meter or a therapeutic balm from Humboldt Apothecary.


Shopping in Person

The holiday shopping season seems to start earlier and earlier nowadays. Deals are no longer limited to a one-day sale the day after Thanksgiving. No matter what you’re shopping for – cannabis or non-cannabis – over the last few years we’ve seen shops offer great deals throughout the holiday season. 

So, even if you didn’t go inside a dispensary on Black Friday, you’re still certain to find some great deals as dispensaries look to clear their inventory and collect as many sales as they can before they close the books on 2020.

If you’re going into a dispensary, just like typical brick and mortar stores they’ll likely have signs calling out their good deals, so look for those. Be a savvy shopper, though. If you see a product’s price has been marked down, make sure the original price wasn’t unjustifiably expensive to begin with. Some retailers have been known to play pricing “tricks” to bait people into thinking they’re getting a sweet deal. Also, try to get the most for your money. Some products have a higher concentration of cannabinoids (the key ingredient), which means a lower cost per dose. Higher doses usually means more milligrams (mg) of THC and/or CBD in the package or each piece.

One benefit of going into a dispensary is you can talk face to face with a salesperson (also sometimes called a “budtender”). Many salespeople at dispensaries know a great deal about cannabis. Use them to your advantage. Ask them questions. 

  • What are you selling the most of lately?
  • What’s your favorite product? 
  • What’s the best deal in the store right now? 

One thing to note: Be careful with freebies. When you visit a dispensary, they may offer you free edibles or other things to try as a sample. Wait until you get home or someplace where you don’t have to drive and/or work, and don’t consume too much. Some of those freebies can be very potent and you may not be used to the effect they can have on you. Treat it like going to a wine tasting – you don’t drink and drive, so don’t consume cannabis and drive.


Shopping Online

Shopping for CBD and cannabis online is convenient and perfect for those of us who don’t live near a dispensary or given the times we live in now, if we don’t want to risk getting too close to someone in a store. 

Some CBD and cannabis companies’ will have special sections on their websites that list their holiday sales or holiday-themed gifts. The Humboldt Apothecary website, for example, has special sales that will run throughout the holiday season, along with several cannabis gift ideas. 

When shopping for CBD or cannabis online, most companies’ websites will ask you what state you reside in. The reason for that is that cannabis isn’t legal in every U.S. state, so many product websites will only show you products legal in your state. To be safe, though, familiarize yourself with the cannabis laws where you live and if you can legally order cannabis online in your state.
No matter how you shop for cannabis this holiday season, Three Wells is here to help. And if you’re planning to mail a cannabis gift, be sure to read this article before you do. We hope you have a safe, happy and relaxing holiday season!

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