Podcast: 420 - Should We Bother?

420 – What is it, where it came from, where it’s going, and is it relevant anymore?

4/20 is turning 50 this year…but so what?! As the unofficial (ahem) high holiday for cannabis culture, said to have started in 1971 at a California high school, is it losing some of its free-wheeling spirit, does it need to change and has it lost a little bit of its mystique?

We talk about how the image of a cannabis user is transitioning from smoke-belching stoners with the munchies to mature adults who use cannabis topicals or eat cannabis gummies with friends to relax. But should 420 change like this?

We talk about the changing culture, this history of 420, where it’s going, how celebrations are changing and much more.

Join us for this all-encompassing 420 high holiday discussion!