Throwing a Super Party with Cannabis

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Every year, people around the globe get together to watch the spectacular sporting event that is the Super Bowl®. In America, it’s revered like a national holiday, and Super Bowl parties are an indelible part of American culture, attended by football fans and non-fans alike. If you’re hosting a party this year, it’s important that all of your guests feel welcome, including those who know nothing about the game. To that end, the football-loving Three Wells staff came together to offer some party tips so your event scores with your guests.


Know the Lingo

Like any sport, knowing the rules and the language of the game are essential to understanding it. Believe it or not, many people do not follow or understand professional football, so be a good host and provide some information about it. We’ve collected a few of the most common football terms to help educate your non-football loving friends so they may better enjoy it:

Blitz: The way you feel after consuming too much cannabis.

Dime Back: A typical dispensary promotion offering $10 off select purchases. Some dispensaries also offer a Nickel Back for $5 off.

End Zone: When you’ve reached your personal cannabis consumption limit and you’re in the zone.

First Down: The first guest (or guests) who don’t know their consumption limit and need to lay down upstairs. First Downs are common with rookie cannabis users.

Fumble: When you drop a joint, vape, or pipe on the floor while passing it to another guest. This never goes over well, especially if it burns the carpet. This is considered an offensive penalty.

Hail Mary: A group offering with prayers honoring the MaryJane Goddess.

Hash Marks: The imprint/stamp on authentic bricks of hashish, a processed, potent form of cannabis resin originating from Southeast and Central Asia.

Holding: When a guest brings cannabis to the party, e.g., “hey, I know Joe is holding.”

Late Hit: The party’s been over for two hours, but some guests just don’t when to stop.

Pass Interference: A social faux pas that occurs when passing a joint, vape, or pipe to a friend and an inebriated stranger knocks it out of your hand. Like fumbles, this does not go over well and will be flagged as an offensive penalty.

Pass Protection: A defensive move to ensure Pass Interference does not happen.

Post-Game Wrap Up: The drudgery experienced by the hosts when no one offers to help clean up after the party.

Red Zone: One step beyond the End Zone easily identified by the guest’s red eyes.

Rush: The feeling you get when smoking or vaping a very potent stain. Treatable by sitting down. Not to be confused with the Canadian rock band of the same name. BTW, Canada has its own professional football league but everything is metric (not yards) so Americans don’t bother with it.

Shotgun Formation: An old school way of consuming cannabis by inhaling a massive amount of smoke blown through a tube of some sort. The term originated with American troops using actual shotguns during the Vietnam war.

Touchdown: The post-party affect as the cannabis euphoria subsides.


Karaoke to the Rescue

If the ubiquitous “Halftime Spectacular” is a disconnected, musical mess, we suggest you have alternate musical entertainment ready to go. Considering that Maroon 5 and controversial rapper Travis Scott are both performing, plan accordingly so your party does not come to a screeching halt. Karaoke and cannabis go together like Lennon and McCarthy or perhaps Cheech and Chong. Consider renting a Karaoke system that includes microphones, and one obligatory tune in the playlist must be We are the Champions by Queen.


Food for Thought, a Cannabis-Infused Party

Regular visitors to the Three Wells site know we often provide party and holiday cuisine suggestions and recipes. Read about them herehere, and here. For the Big Game, we recommend that you GO BIG and bring some creative ideas to the table. For cannabis-related recipe ideas, Pinterest, of course, has plenty to offer. A few rules of the game are to ensure any food or beverages containing THC or CBD are properly labeled and are securely off-limits to children and pets. Also, cannabis chefs recommend low-dose quantities and suggest that guests wait at least twenty minutes before consuming any additional edibles or infused beverages. Remember, alcohol can intensify the effects of cannabis consumption, so be a good host and keep an eye on your guests. Designated drivers are always a good thing or recommend using Lyft or Uber for your guests.


When and Where

Super Bowl LIII (that’s 53 for those who don’t get Roman numerals) takes place on Sunday, February 3, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. EST/3:30 PST on the CBS television network. The New England Patriots play the Los Angeles Rams.

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