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About Three Wells

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The most common question we’re asked is “Why did you create Three Wells?

The answer to the question is simple and the journey to how the company came to be is a very personal one for both Gregg and I — the company’s founders.

Gregg and I have been friends for almost two decades and both of us, coincidentally, had injuries that led to severe chronic back pain. Over those years we each tried innumerable treatments, opioids, ointments, therapies and the list went on. Nothing took away the pain. However, over those years what we each independently discovered, but were embarrassed to tell one another, was that cannabis-based products provided the greatest dependable reduction in pain. While cannabis (marijuana) didn’t take away the pain completely, it did make things more bearable during the worst bouts and did so with no side effects. Also, it helped both of us avoid highly-addictive opioids.

Over that same period of time we each, independently, saw family and friends reap the benefits of cannabis for a wide variety of conditions.

Now here’s where the journey follows that old saying “truth is often stranger than fiction”. Gregg discovered he needed spinal surgery in order to have any hope of finding lasting pain relief; which he underwent with great success. In sharing the results of his procedure with me, I ended up having the same surgery — also with great success. Over the course of our recovery, we began talking, openly for the first time, about how cannabis had helped before surgery and was greatly reducing our need for opioids.

Those conversations led to conversations about the experiences our friends and families were having with cannabis and those conversations led to us wanting to help even more people discover what cannabis can do.

Over the course of almost a year Gregg and I shared our vision for helping others through cannabis with all of our friends and soon we had an overwhelming amount of support from far and wide. Then we noticed something — most of those that were getting the greatest benefits from cannabis were all as old, or older, than Gregg and I. This led to an epiphany, cannabis seems to have massively positive effects on people our age,  50ish+, and an incredible number of our friends were avoiding highly-addictive opioids because of cannabis.

After talking to innumerable doctors, researchers, dispensaries, and consumers, we discovered how little help and credible information there was about cannabis for people 50+. We also learned how cannabis affects those of us 50+ differently than when we were in our 20s. It’s not only the potency of cannabis which has increased exponentially but also in the advancement in delivery methods and beneficial applications. It was at that point that we realized that there were likely tens of millions of people like us in the US who were going unhelped. We knew then that by becoming a credible source for all things cannabis we could help people 50ish+ to be better, live better and do better. That was the beginning of Three Wells.

So to answer the simple question “Why did you create Three Wells”? It’s simply this — to enable people 50+ to be well, live well and do well through cannabis.

Today Three Wells stays true to its origin by taking a conditions-first approach to demystifying the new world of marijuana. The company makes this happen for consumers by carefully curating cannabis content, products, services and experts in the most reliable, safest, and fun, ways possible.

We hope we’re able to bring something positive and lasting to your life so you can share your good fortune with those you care about most.


Three Wells Co-Founder

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