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  • Dixie-SYNERGY RatioTablets-Comp-7to1-1000x1000

    Synergy Ratio Tablets 7:1

  • Screen-Shot-2020-10-29-at-1.41.42-PM

    Little Helpers: Calm

  • 20201026 PB Chocolate00027

    Releaf Chocolate – Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

  • juicyorange01 363098379a-2

    THC Releaf Gummies -Juicy Orange (Vegan)

  • Wana-Pina-Colada-Indica-Fast-Acting-Gummies-1000x1000

    Pina Colada Indica Fast-Acting Gummies

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  • 20201026 PB Chocolate00027

    Releaf Chocolate – Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

  • 20201026 PB Chocolate00030

    Releaf Chocolate – Milk Chocolate

  • 20200821 lost-farm cs marquee

    Lost Farm Citrus Spritz Gummies

  • 20200821 lost-farm sl marquee

    Lost Farm Strawberry Lemonade Gummies

  • 20200821 lost-farm rs marquee

    Lost Farm Raspberry Gummies

  • Screen-Shot-2020-10-29-at-1.41.42-PM

    Little Helpers: Calm

  • Screen-Shot-2020-10-29-at-1.41.28-PM

    Little Helpers: Sleep

  • Screen-Shot-2020-10-29-at-1.41.17-PM

    Little Helpers: Focus

  • Dixie-Mints TopViewComp-SYNERGYMixedBerry

    SYNERGY 1:1 Mixed Berry Mints

  • tartapple01 36313468b0

    THC Releaf Gummies – Tart Apple (Vegan)

  • wildstrawberry01 3631755777

    THC Releaf Gummies – Wild Strawberrys (Vegan)

  • juicyorange01 363098379a-2

    THC Releaf Gummies -Juicy Orange (Vegan)

  • berryburst01 363053e7a6

    THC Releaf Gummies – Berry Burst (Vegan)

  • Wana-Strawberry-Margarita-1 1-CBD THC-Fast-Acting-Gummies-1000x1000

    Strawberry Margarita 1:1 CBD/THC Fast-Acting Gummies

  • Wana-Pina-Colada-Indica-Fast-Acting-Gummies-1000x1000

    Pina Colada Indica Fast-Acting Gummies

  • Wana-Peach-Bellini-Sativa-Fast-Acting-Gummies-1000x1000

    Peach Bellini Sativa Fast-Acting Gummies

  • Kiva-Petra-Mints-Saigon-Cinnamon-1000x1000

    Saigon Cinnamon Petra Mints

  • Kiva-Petra-Mints-pineapple-1000x1000

    Pineapple Petra Mints

  • Kiva-tart-cherry-Petra-Mints-1000x1000

    Tart Cherry Petra Mints

  • Kiva-Terra-SeaSalt-Peppermint-Pattie-1000x1000

    Peppermint Pattie Dark Chocolate Terra Bites

  • kiva-terra-bites-sea-salt-caramel-hero-1000x1000

    Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate Terra Bites

  • Kiva-Terra-Bites-CBD-Almond-1000x1000

    CBD Almond Dark Chocolate Terra Bites

  • Kiva-Camino-package-watermelon-lemonade-1000x1000

    Watermelon Lemonade Camino Gummies

  • Kiva-Camino-package-pineapple-habenero-1000x1000

    Pineapple Habanero Camino Gummies

  • Kiva-Camino-package-sparkling-pear-1000x1000

    Sparkling Pear Camino Gummies

  • Kiva-Camino-package-wild-berry-1000x1000-2

    Wild Berry Camino Gummies

  • Kiva-Camino-Tin-wild-cherry-1000x1000

    Wild Cherry Camino Gummies

  • Kiva-Camino-Tin-Freshly-Squeezed-1000x1000

    Freshly Squeezed Camino Gummies

  • kikoko-honey-shot-buzz-1000x1000-1

    Honeyshot Buzz

  • Kikoko HoneyShot Focus 1000x1000

    Honeyshot Focus

  • kikoko-honey-shot-calm-1000x1000

    Honeyshot Calm

  • Dixie-SYNERGY RatioTablets-Comp-7to1-1000x1000

    Synergy Ratio Tablets 7:1

  • Dixie-SYNERGY RatioTablets-Comp-4to1-1000x1000

    Synergy Ratio Tablets 4:1

  • Dixie-SYNERGY RatioTablets-Comp-1to1-1000x1000

    Synergy Ratio Tablets 1:1

  • DIxie-New-ChocComps-OrangeZest-1000x1000

    Orange Milk Chocolate

  • DIxie-New-ChocComps-Peppermint-1000x1000

    Pepermint Dark Chocolate

  • Dixie-Mints TopViewComp-SYNERGYCucumberMelon-1000x1000

    Synergy 5:1 Cucumber Melon Mint

  • DixieTarts Comp-Mixed-1000x1000

    Assorted Infused Tarts

  • Dixie-Sour-Smash-Pouch-1000x1000

    Sour Smash Gummies

  • Dixie-Berry-Blaze-Pouch-1000x1000

    Berry Blaze Gummies

  • DIxie-Tropic-Twist-Pouch-1000x1000

    Tropic Twist Gummies

  • Dixie-Bursts-Product-Image-Sativa-1000x1000

    Bursts Pulled Taffy: Sativa

  • Dixie-Bursts-Product-Image-Indica-1000x1000-1

    Bursts Pulled Taffy: Indica

  • Dixie-Bursts-Product-Image-Hybrid Sativa-1000x1000

    Bursts Pulled Taffy: Hybrid

  • Somatik THCCoffee HighDose 8oz 055-1000x1000

    High Dose Coffee

  • SOMATIK SPARKS goldenberry combo 1000x1000

    1:1 Golden Berry Sparks

  • SOMATIK SPARKS goji combo 1000x1000

    2:1 CBD Goji Berry Sparks

  • SOMATIK SPARKS coffeebean combo 1000x1000

    THC Cofee Bean Sparks

  • Somatik ColdBrew THC-1000x1000

    THC Infused Cold Brew Coffee

  • Somatik ColdBrew CBD-THC-1-1000x1000

    1:1 CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee

  • Fairwinds-Catapult-Coffee-1000-x-1000

    Catapult Coffee

  • Fairwinds-Catapult-Cannibis-Infused-Hot-Mocha-Coffee-1000-x-1000

    Hot Mocha Coffee

  • wana-brands-Mixed-Berry-Indica-Wanna-Tarts-1

    Mixed Berry Indica Tarts

  • wana-brands-hibiscus-lemonade-tarts

    Hibiscus Lemonade Sativa Tarts

  • wana-brands-black-cherry-tarts

    Black Cherry 1:1 CBD/THC Tarts

  • pomegranite-blueberry-acai-1-600x600

    Pomegranate Blueberry Acai 5:1 CBD/THC GUMMIES

  • plus-gummies-restore-blackberry-and-lemon-1

    RESTORE Blackberry & Lemon

  • plus-gummies-product-refresh-pink-lemonade

    REFRESH Pink Lemonade

  • plus-gummies-create-sour-blueberry

    CREATE Sour Blueberry

  • plus-gummies-cbd-relief-pineapple-and-coconut

    CBD RELIEF Pineapple & Coconut

  • plus-gummies-uplift

    UPLIFT Sour Watermelon

  • Fruit Slabs Product Tropical Haze Edible 23g

    Tropical Haze

  • Fruit Slabs Product Grape Ape Edible 23g

    Grape Ape

  • Fruit Slabs Product Edible Candy Mango Maui Wowie 22g

    Mango Maui Wowie

  • Fruit Slabs Product OG Mango Edible

    The OG Mango

  • cbd-ratio-capsules-cbd-and-thc-20to1-10-capsules

    Ratio 20:1 Capsules

  • CBD-Ratio-Capsules-CBD-and-THC-10to1-10-Capsules

    Ratio 10:1 Capsules

  • cbd-ratio-capsules-cbd-and-thc-5to1-10-capsules

    Ratio 5:1 Capsules

  • PTSfree-10-Capsules-CBD-and-THC-for-Everyday-PTSD


  • full-extract-cannabis-oil-2to1-feco-10-capsules

    FECO 2:1 Capsule

  • full-extract-cannabis-oil-10to1-feco-10-capsules

    FECO 10:1 Capsule

  • deep-sleep-cbd-15-capsules

    Deeper Sleep Capsules

  • Lifestyle Capsule Indica Angle-1

    Lifestyle Indica Capsule

  • Lifestyle Capsules Sativa Angle-1

    Lifestyle Sativa Capsule

  • PM-Relief-Sativa-Effect-CBD-and-THC-10-Capsules

    PM Relief

  • fairwinds-amrelief capsule angle

    AM Relief

  • FOCUS Rightfacing


  • CALM Rightfacing


  • RELIEF Rightfacing


  • ENERGY Rightfacing


  • wana-brands-Watermelon-drops-1

    Watermelon Indica Wana Drops

  • wana-brands-tangerine-sativa-drops-1

    Tangerine Sativa Wana Drops

  • wana-brands-kiwi-straweberry-drops-1

    Kiwi Strawberry 1:1 CBD/THC Wana Drops

  • yuzu-2-600x600

    Exotic Yuzu 2:1 CBD/THC Sour Gummies

  • Assorted Indica Box

    Indica Assorted Sour Gummies

  • Assorted Hybrid Box

    Hybrid Assorted Sour Gummies

  • Lemonade-CBD-100mg


  • Toffee-100mg-THC

    Toffee Chocolate Bar

  • dark-espresso-beans

    Dark Espresso Beans

  • fruity-puffs

    Fruity Puffs

  • pouches milk-espresso-front

    Milk Espresso Beans

  • peanut-butter-puffs

    Peanut Butter Puffs

  • Blueberry-100mg-THC

    Blueberry Chocolate Bar

  • Espresso-100mg-THC

    Espresso Chocolate Bar

  • Mint-Cookie-100mg-THC

    Mint Cookie Chocolate Bar

  • Sea-Salt-100mg-THC

    Sea Salt Chocolate Bar

  • Tangerine-100mg-THC

    Tangerine Chocolate Bar

  • Strawberry-Apple-Belts-100mg-THC

    Strawberry Apple Belts

  • Strawberry-Banana-Belts-100mg-THC

    Strawberry Banana Belts

  • Strawberry-Belts-100mg-THC

    Strawberry Belts

  • Watermelon-Belts-100mgTHC

    Watermelon Belts

  • Blackberry-100mg-THC

    Blackberry Chocolate Bar

  • Rainbow-Belts-100mg-THC

    Rainbow Belts

  • Mango-Belts-100mg-THC

    Mango Belts

  • Peach-Rings-100mg-THC

    Peach Rings

  • Pink-Lemonade-Belts-100mg-THC

    Pink Lemonade Belts

  • Apple-Belts-100mg-THC

    Apple Belts

  • Apple-Rings-100mg-THC

    Apple Rings

  • Blueberry-Belts-100mg-THC

    Blueberry Belts

  • Blue-Raspberry-Rings-100mg-THC

    Blue Raspberry Rings

  • Cherry-Rings-100mg-THC

    Cherry Rings

  • papa-barkley-Capsules 30ct 1.3

    Releaf Capsules 1:3

  • papa-barkley-Capsules 30ct 30.1

    Releaf Capsules 30:1

  • venice cc toffee rec pouch web

    Milk Chocolate + Toffee Minis

  • venice cc raw hempcrunch rec pouch web

    Raw Hempcrunch Minis

  • venice cc milk chocolate rec pouch web

    Milk Chocolate Minis

  • venice cc dark chocolate sea salt rec pouch web

    Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Minis

  • venice cc dark chocoalte popping rec pouch web

    Dark Chocolate + Popping Blackberry Minis

  • venice cc white chocolate cookies n cream rec pouch web

    White Chocolate Cookies N Cream Minis

  • venice cc 2 1 cbd dark chocolate rec pouch web

    2:1 CBD Dark Chocolate Minis

  • venice cc brownie bites rec pouch web

    Classic Brownie Bites

  • venice cookie company the hippie pouch 100mg THC

    The Hippie

  • venice cookie company the surfer pouch 100mg THC

    The Surfer

  • venice cookie company the chipster pouch 100mg THC

    The Chipster

  • venice cookie company churro pouch 100mg THC 100mg CBD

    CBD 1:1 Churro

  • venice cookie company chocolate chews pouch 100mg THC

    Chocolate Chews

  • venice cookie company classic pretzel bites pouch 100mg THC

    Classic Pretzel Bite + Sea Salt

  • venice cookie company the savory pretzels pouch 100mg THC

    Savory Pretzels

  • venice cookie company honey mustard pretzels pouch 100mg THC

    Honey Mustard Pretzels

  • CQ Lozenges Watermelon-1-600x600-1

    Sugar-Free Lozenges (2-Pack) – Watermelon

  • CQ Lozenges SourApple-600x600-1


  • cannabis quenchers cannabis infused fruit sparks sugar free pouch strawberry THC 10mg CBD 10mg

    Strawberry CBD 1:1 Fruit Sparks 2-pack

  • CQ-Raspberry-Hibiscus

    Raspberry Hibiscus

  • CQ Single WildberryGuava-1-1000x1000

    Wildberry Guava

  • CQ-CBD-Mango

    CBD 1:1 Mango

  • CQ-Old-Fashioned-Lemonade

    Old Fashioned Lemonade

  • CQ-Mango

    Mango Lemonade

  • CQ-Srawberry-Lemonade

    Strawberry Lemonade

  • CQ Single CBD RaspberryHibiscus-600x600-1

    CBD Hibiscus

  • Dixie-Mints TopViewComp-SYNERGYMixedBerry-1000x1000

    Synergy: Mixed Berry Mints

  • Dixie-Mints TopViewComp-Peppermint-1000x1000

    Peppermint Relaxing Mints

  • Dixie-Mints TopViewComp-Orange-1000x1000

    Orange Awakening Mints

  • Dixe Tarts Lemon

    Lemon Fruit Tarts

  • Dixie-Synergy-Watermelon-Pouch-1000x1000

    Synergy Watermelon

  • Dixie-Citrus-Blast-Pouch-1000x1000

    Citrus Blast

  • NewChocComps SYNERGY Rec

    SYNERGY Milk Chocolate 1:1

  • NewChocComps Dark

    Straight Up Dark Chocolate

  • NewChocComps Milk Sativa 1

    Straight Up Milk Chocolate Sativa

  • NewChocComps BDay

    Birthday Cake

  • GS.Pate

    Bright Blooms

  • GS.Choco

    Bliss Blossoms

  • DE Hybrid newpackage Watermelon

    Watermelon – Hybrid Gummies

  • DE Indica newpackage blue raspberry

    Blue Raspberry – Indica Gummies

  • DE Indica newpackage Lemon Lime

    Lemon-Lime – Indica Gummies

  • DE Indica newpackage Orange

    Orange – Indica Gummies

  • DE Sativa newpackage Strawberry

    Strawberry – Sativa Gummies

  • DE Hybrid newpackage Sour Apple

    Sour Apple – Hybrid Gummies

  • DE Hybrid newpackage Peach

    Peach – Hybrid Gummies

  • DE Sativa newpackage Tropical Punch 1

    Tropical Punch – Sativa Gummies

  • DE Sativa newpackage Cherry Cola

    Cherry Cola – Sativa Gummies

  • indica

    Indica XR Capsules

  • hybrid

    Hybrid XR Capsules

  • balanced

    1:1 CBD/THC Balanced XR Capsules

  • CBD

    CBD XR Capsules

  • sativa

    Sativa XR Capsules

  • StrawberryLemonade Box

    Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 CBD/THC Sour Gummies

  • wana-brands-strawberry-gummies

    Strawberry 10:1 CBD/THC Sour Gummies

  • wana-brands-mango-sativa-gummies

    Mango Sativa Sour Gummies

  • WatermelonHybrid Box

    Watermelon Hybrid Sour Gummies

  • BlueberryIndica Box

    Blueberry Indica Sour Gummies

  • Assorted Sativa Box

    Sativa Assorted Sour Gummies

  • Chili Mango square

    Swifts Mints Chili Mango

  • GreenTeaCBD100 e1495483822107 297x300

    Swifts Sugar-Free Mints 100mg – CBD

  • GreenTeaTHC100 300x300

    Swifts Mints Green Tea and Peppermint (100mg) Hybrid

  • Strawberry Square

    Swifts Mints Strawberry

  • passion square

    Swifts Mints Passion Fruit

  • GreenlabsTins 025

    Swifts Sour Drops

  • rasberry

    Raspberry Cheesecake Truffle

  • Canabees 9Z4A3639 © Zilcsak

    Swifts CBD Honey

  • Swifts 151219 160718

    White Chocolate Truffle

  • Canabees 9Z4A3638 © Zilcsak

    Swifts Honey

  • Swifts 151219 160637 mint

    Mint CBD Truffles (10mg)

  • Swifts 151219 160924

    Mixed Truffle Box (60mg) Hybrid

  • Swifts Caramel box


  • swifts chocolate almondsjpg

    Chocolate Covered Almonds (100mg)

  • Apple Crisp

    Apple Crisp Truffles

  • Swifts 151219 160814

    Butterscotch Truffle

  • Swifts 151219 160906

    Cookies and Cream Truffles

  • Swifts 151219 160756

    Dark Chocolate Truffle

  • NorthwestClicks 46 NWCK 8e 2 copy

    Dark Chocolate Truffle (200mg) 1:1 CBD

  • Swifts 151219 160837

    Milk Chocolate Truffle

  • kiva-terra-bites-blueberries-1000x1000

    Blueberry Milk Chocolate Terra Bites

  • kiva-terra-bites-espresso1000x1000

    Espresso Dark Chocolate Terra Bites

  • Kiva-Moroccanmint-hero-1000x1000

    Moroccan Mint Petra

  • 20200821 kiva dk-marquee

    Dark Chocolate Kiva Bar

  • 20200821 kiva mk-marquee

    Milk Chocolate Kiva Bar

  • 20200821 kiva bb-marquee

    Blackberry Dark Chocolate Kiva Bar

  • 20200821 kiva ec-marquee

    CBD Espresso Dark Chocolate Kiva Bar