FECO 10:1 Capsule

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The Fairwinds FECO capsule provides the power of the full plant in the palm of your hand. Leveraged off of the original FECO pen oil, FECO capsules contain all the incredible components as FECO Complete in a long-lasting and discreet capsule. Containing a whopping 25mg of CBD and powerful cannabis constituents in each serving, the FECO capsule holds the title as the most potent Fairwinds capsule! The 10:1 ratio is designed to provide clear-minded, full-plant support, harnessing the full therapeutic value from the cannabis plant. The Fairwinds FECO products are made with our “multi-phase” extraction process. The whole plant is extracted in our closed-loop extraction system to capture cannabinoids, terpenes, and waxes. Fresh plant material including flower, leaf, stem, stalk and roots are then ground and juiced to provide a highly effective, full-plant cannabis extract. These two concentrates are ultimate blended together to create Washington’s only true Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil.

Cannabis Concentrate, 2nd Phase Cannabis whole-plant extract, coconut flakes, Gelatin Capsules

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10 servings

THC Content

25 mg per box

CBD Content

250 mg per box

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