Hello Again Sleep

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Sound Sleep. Cool Temps. Good Mornings.

We are women. What can’t we do with a good night’s sleep? Hello Again Sleep was formulated to help a girl go to sleep, stay asleep, and, when things go bump in the night, get back to sleep. Soothing botanicals combined with CBD and THC regulate body temperature, soothe dryness, even your mood and help you sleep, sleep, sleep. The vaginal delivery system allows the use of THC without a psychoactive high.

Cocoa Butter,Valerian Root, Hops Extract, Avocado Oil, Melatonin, THC/CBD Distallate, Lavender, Cape Chamomile, Neroli Oil, Roman Camomile.

Use your index finger to insert well into your vagina. Effects can be felt in less than an hour. Effects may vary. Can be used nightly.

1 CBD: 4 THC 5mg CBD/20mg THC


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