Hard Sweets

Chocolate & Snacks

$ 15.00

Oasis’ Hard Sweets are sour edible candies with a sweet aftertaste. The resulting high is uplifting and often Energizing, so take this buzz outside and soak up the sun. It’s good for doing chores, too.
Available In: California





Sugar, Glucose, Citric Acid, Cream of Tartar, Water, [Lemon Hard Sweets: Pure Lemon Oil, Plant Based Concentrated Food Coloring, Lemon Juice] [Grapefruit Hibiscus Hard Sweets: Hibiscus Juice, Pure Grapefruit Oil] [Root Beer Hard Sweets: All Natural Root Beer Extract] [Blackberry Hard Sweets: Blackberry Puree, Blackberry Extract] [Raspberry Hard Sweets; Raspberry Puree, All Natural Raspberry Extract]


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