Lemon Mint Chewing Gum


$ 21.00

Chew on This A low potency gum for you to chew throughout your day. It’s the most discrete way of consuming cannabis. Plus, it’s convenient, fun to chew and tastes good too! ​ Each piece is about 2.0 grams which is about twice the size of a standard piece of gum. ​ THC chewing gum features nanoparticle technology for fast-acting effects. As you begin to chew, the cannabinoids are ingested and you’ll start feeling the effects of the gum quicker than you do a typical edible. Sucking on the gum for 10 seconds prior to chewing provides a much better and faster experience! LEMON MINT Fresh and bright like mint iced tea, canna gum is gum with benefits.
Available In: California




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