Little Helpers Boost


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A rare and precious cannabinoid, THCV is known to promote energy and clarity, and when paired with a little THC, a vital, happy feeling. One mint creates a fully functioning feeling of pleasure, two gives a motivating high. There is also some research showing that THCV can suppress appetite and is excellent for pain. We also added a touch of matcha, a green tea extract that’s high in antioxidants and boosts energy.
Available In: California








YUZU antioxidant / mood enhancerMATCHA energizing / weight loss aidCOCONUT anti-inflammatory / antimicrobialTURMERIC anti-inflammatoryBLACK PEPPER EXTRACT increases bioavailabilityMALIC ACID apple-derived flavoring / sour flavoringPOLYDEXTROSE helps with compressibilityXYLITOL birch tree derived sweetenerMAGNESIUM STEARATE natural flow agentSILICON DIOXIDE natural mineral for moisture absorptionSTEVIA EXTRACT plant-derived sugar replacementNON-HYDROGENATED PALM OIL sustainably harvested carrierCANNABIS EXTRACT organically sun‑grown


Consume one piece and wait for 30 minutes or until effects kick in. Note that sometimes effects are delayed by up to 2 hours.

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