Little Helpers Buzz


$ 30.00

With 5mg of THC and a daily dose of vitamin D (immune boosting and bone building), these are the healthy alternative to cannabis gummies. Watermelon and basil Buzz Little Helpers give most people a smooth high that’s perfect for social banter, hiking, or a night alone with 70s rock. Sugar-free, delicious and fun, to try them is to love them…
Available In: California






VITAMIN D3 immunity / bone healthBLACK PEPPER EXTRACT increases bioavailabilityBEET natural coloringWATERMELON EXTRACT natural flavor and antioxidantVANILLA EXTRACT natural flavoringMENTHOL CRYSTALS natural mint flavoringXYLITOL birch tree derived sweetenerBASIL natural flavoring and antioxidantSTEVIA EXTRACT plant-derived sugar replacementMAGNESIUM STEARATE natural flow agentSILICON DIOXIDE natural mineral for moisture absorptionPOLYDEXTROSE helps with compressibilityCANNABIS EXTRACT organically sun‑grown


Consume one piece and wait for 30 minutes or until effects kick in. Note that sometimes effects are delayed by up to 2 hours.

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