Size Each can contains 200mg CBD, 30mg THC in 10 sachetsTHC to CBD Ratio 20mg CBD / 3mg THC per individual sachet

$ 35.00

Tranquili-Tea is formulated to help people fall and stay asleep. CBN produces a sedative and relaxing effect that induces sleep, while THC increases sleep duration. Our herb blend includes chamomile and valerian root, which have been used throughout time as sleep agents.
Available In: California







Organic ingredients: peppermint, chamomile, valerian root, lemon myrtle, licorice root, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, cornflower petals, and KikoGold cannabis active.Psychoactivity: Low for most people.


Unique cannabinoid ratio helps users fall and stay asleepSynergistic herbs relieve anxiety and have sedative effectsFor less nighttime fluid, steep in half the water (potency the same)Best drunk 60 minutes before lights outMay help migrainesBrewing Instructions:1. Place one sachet in a cup and add 6-8 ounces of boiling water (the amount of water has no effect on the cannabis potency of your tea).2. Allow to steep for at least 2-4 minutes, after which all of the active cannabis ingredient will have dissolved into your tea. Brewing for additional time will not increase potency. Stir.3. If you like your tea sweeter, by all means add honey or sugar. However, there is no need to add anything else to your tea. Unlike many other canna drinks, no additional ingredients are needed to activate the cannabis.

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