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  • Wana-510-indica-grapefruit-hero-1000x1000

    Indica Grapefruit 510 Vape Cartridge

  • deep-sleep-cbd-and-thc-vape-cartridge-500mg

    Deep Sleep Vape

  • honey vape product 1g Cartridge Jack Herer

    Premium Cartridge, Jack Herer

  • Wana-510-sativa-lemon-hero-1000x1000

    Sativa Lemon 510 Vape Cartridge

  • Sour-Diesel-Stick

    Sour Diesel All-in-One Disposable

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  • Wana-510-sativa-lemon-hero-1000x1000

    Sativa Lemon 510 Vape Cartridge

  • Wana-510-sative-diesel-hero-1000x1000

    Sativa Diesel 510 Vape Cartridge

  • Wana-510-indica-kush-hero-1000x1000

    Indica Kush 510 Vape Cartridge

  • Wana-510-indica-grapefruit-hero-1000x1000

    Indica Grapefruit 510 Vape Cartridge

  • Wana-510-hybrid-haze-hero-1000x1000

    Hybrid Haze 510 Vape Cartridge

  • Wana-510-hybrid-berry-hero-1000x1000

    Hybrid Berry 510 Vape Catridge

  • Wana-510-Rose-Gold-hero-1000x1000

    CBD/THC 1:1 Rose Gold 510 Vape Cartridge

  • Wana-510-balanced-hero-1000x1000

    CBD/THC 1:1 Balanced 510 Vape Cartridge

  • Wana-DISPOSABLE-VAPE-Sativia-Lemon-1000x1000

    Sativa Lemon Disposable Vape

  • Wana-DISPOSABLE-VAPE-Rose-gold-1000x1000

    CBD/THC 1:1 Rose Gold Disposable Vape

  • Wana-DISPOSABLE-VAPE-Berry-Hybrid-1000x1000

    Hybrid Berry Disposable Vape


    Indica Grapefruit Disposable Vape

  • Fairwinds-Ration-201-Vape-Catridge-1000x1000

    Ratio 20:1 Vape

  • Fairwinds-Ration-101-Vape-Catridge-1000x1000

    Ratio 10:1 Vape

  • Fairwinds-Ration-51-Vape-Catridge-1000x1000

    Ratio 5:1 Vape

  • Fairwinds-Ration-11-Vape-Catridge-1000x1000

    Ratio 1:1 Vape

  • Wildflower CBD Immunity Vaporizer Hero

    Immunity Disposable Vaporizer

  • Release-Vape-Cartridge-CBD-and-THC-500mg

    Release Vape

  • deep-sleep-cbd-and-thc-vape-cartridge-500mg

    Deep Sleep Vape

  • Wana-DISPOSABLE-VAPE-balance-1-1-vape-1000x1000

    CBD/THC 1:1 Balanced Disposable Vape

  • Wana-DISPOSABLE-VAPE-HYBRID-Haze-1000x1000

    Hybrid Haze Disposable Vape

  • Wana-DISPOSABLE-VAPE-indica-kush-1000x1000

    Indica Kush Disposable Vape

  • Wana-DISPOSABLE-VAPE-sativia-diesel-1000x1000

    Sativa Diesel Disposable Vape

  • Rest Chill 800x800

    Rest & Chill

  • LightsOut 800x800

    Lights Out

  • SeizeTheDay 800x800

    Seize the Day

  • PowerUp 800x800

    Power Up

  • Adj-Temp-Battery

    Adjustable Temperature Battery

  • Push-Button-Battery

    Push Button Battery

  • Adj-Temp-Flip-Key-Battery

    Flip Key Battery with Adjustable Temperature

  • Flip-Key-Battery

    Flip Key Battery

  • Buttonless-Battery

    Buttonless Battery

  • Retractable-Battery

    Retractable Battery

  • Rebelution-Battery

    Rebelution Battery

  • Polar-Mint-Mood-Pen

    Polar Mint CBD Mood Pen

  • Strawberry-Mood-Pen

    Strawberry CBD Mood Pen

  • Tropical-Mood-Pen

    Tropical CBD Mood Pen

  • Vanilla-Mood-Pen

    Vanilla CBD Mood Pen

  • Orange-Mood-Pen

    Orange CBD Mood Pen

  • Pear-Mood-Pen

    Pear CBD Mood Pen

  • Bubble-Gum-Mood-Pen

    Bubble Gum CBD Mood Pen

  • Creamsicle-Mood-Pen

    Creamsicle CBD Mood Pen

  • Grapefruit-Mood-Pen

    Grapefruit CBD Mood Pen

  • Lemon-Mood-Pen

    Lemon CBD Mood Pen

  • Blackberry-Mood-Pen

    Blackberry CBD Mood Pen

  • Blueberry-Mood-Pen

    Blueberry CBD Mood Pen

  • Banana-Mood-Pen

    Banana CBD Mood Pen

  • Strawberry-1g-CBD

    Strawberry CBD Cartridge

  • Tropical-1g-CBD

    Tropical CBD Cartridge

  • Vanilla-1g-CBD

    Vanilla CBD Cartridge

  • Lemon-1g-CBD

    Lemon CBD Cartridge

  • Orange-1g-CBD

    Orange CBD Cartridge

  • Pear-1g-CBD

    Pear CBD Cartridge

  • Blueberry-1g-CBD

    Blueberry CBD Cartridge

  • Bubble-Gum-1g-CBD

    Bubble Gum CBD Cartridge

  • Creamsicle-1g-CBD

    Creamsicle CBD Cartridge

  • Grapefruit-1g-CBD

    Grapefruit CBD Cartridge

  • blue-dream

    Blue Dream Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • Banana-1g-CBD

    Banana CBD Cartridge

  • Blackberry-1g-CBD

    Blackberry CBD Cartridge

  • jack-herer

    Jack Herer Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • sour-diesel

    Sour Diesel Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • fire-og

    Fire OG Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • gdp

    Granddaddy Purple Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • blueberry-kush

    Blueberry Kush Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • grapefruit-kush

    Grapefruit Kush Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • strawberry-cough

    Strawberry Cough Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • pear-herer

    Pear Herer Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • gsc

    Girl Scout Cookie Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • gg4

    Gorilla Glue Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • grape-ape

    Grape Ape Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • skywalker

    Skywalker Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • tangie

    Tangie Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • blackberry-kush

    Blackberry Kush Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • tropical-trainwreck

    Tropical Trainwreck Retractable Cartridge – Black Label

  • Sour-Tsunami-1g

    Rebelution Sour Tsunami Disposable Cartridge

  • Tangie-BL-EStick-1

    Tangie All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Tropical-Trainwreck-BL-EStick-1

    Tropical Trainwreck All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Cali-O-1g

    Rebelution Cali-O Disposable Cartridge

  • Pear-Herer-BL-EStick-1

    Pear Herer All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Skywalker-BL-EStick-1

    Skywalker All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Sour-Diesel-BL-EStick-1

    Sour Diesel All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Strawberry-Cough-BL-EStick-1

    Strawberry Cough All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Grapefruit-BL-EStick-1

    Grapefruit Kush All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • GSC-BL-EStick-1

    Girl Scout Cookie All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Jack-Herer-BL-EStick-1

    Jack Herer All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Blue-Dream-BL-EStick-1

    Blue Dream All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • GG4-BL-EStick-1

    Gorilla Glue All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Fire-OG-BL-EStick-1

    Fire OG All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • GDP-BL-EStick-1

    Granddaddy Purple All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Grape-Ape-BL-EStick-1

    Grape Ape All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Blackberry-Kush-BL-EStick-1

    Blackberry Kush All-in-One Disposable – Black Label

  • Tropical-Trainwreck-Stick

    Tropical Trainwreck All-in-One Disposable

  • True-OG-Stick

    True OG All-in-One Disposable

  • Vanilla-Kush-Stick

    Vanilla Kush All-in-One Disposable

  • White-Widow-Stick

    White Widow All-in-One Disposable

  • Skywalker-Stick

    Skywalker All-in-One Disposable

  • Sour-Diesel-Stick

    Sour Diesel All-in-One Disposable

  • Strawberry-Cough-Stick

    Strawberry Cough All-in-One Disposable

  • Tangie-Stick

    Tangie All-in-One Disposable

  • Trainwreck-Stick

    Trainwreck All-in-One Disposable

  • OG-Kush-Stick

    OG Kush All-in-One Disposable

  • Pear-Herer-Stick

    Pear Herer All-in-One Disposable

  • Raspberry-Kush-Stick

    Raspberry Kush All-in-One Disposable

  • Lemon-Haze-Stick

    Lemon Haze All-in-One Disposable

  • Mango-Haze-Stick

    Mango Haze All-in-One Disposable

  • Headband-Stick

    Headband All-in-One Disposable

  • Jack-Herer-Stick

    Jack Herer All-in-One Disposable

  • Grape-Ape-Stick

    Grape Ape All-in-One Disposable

  • Grapefruit-Kush-Stick

    Grapefruit Kush All-in-One Disposable

  • Green-Crack-Stick

    Green Crack All-in-One Disposable

  • GSC-Stick

    Girl Scout Cookie All-in-One Disposable

  • Blue-Dream-Stick

    Blue Dream All-in-One Disposable

  • Bubble-Gum-Stick

    Bubble Gum All-in-One Disposable

  • Creamsicle-Stick

    Creamsicle All-in-One Disposable

  • Fire-OG-Stick

    Fire OG All-in-One Disposable

  • Golden-Apple-Stick

    Golden Apple All-in-One Disposable

  • GDP-Stick

    Granddaddy Purple All-in-One Disposable

  • Tangie-1g-BL

    Tangie Cartridge – Black Label

  • Tropical-Trainwreck-1g-BL

    Tropical Trainwreck Cartridge – Black Label

  • Banana-Kush-Stick

    Banana Kush All-in-One Disposable

  • Blackberry-Kush-Stick

    Blackberry Kush All-in-One Disposable

  • Blueberry-Kush-Stick

    Blueberry Kush All-in-One Disposable

  • Strawberry-Cough-1g-BL

    Strawberry Cough Cartridge – Black Label

  • Grapefruit-Kush-1g-BL

    Grapefruit Kush Cartridge – Black Label

  • Pear-Herer-1g-BL

    Pear Herer Cartridge – Black Label

  • Skywalker-1g-BL

    Skywalker Cartridge – Black Label

  • Sour-Diesel-1g-BL

    Sour Diesel Cartridge – Black Label

  • Blueberry-Kush-1g-BL

    Blueberry Kush Cartridge – Black Label

  • Blue-Dream-1g-BL

    Blue Dream Cartridge – Black Label

  • Fire-OG-1g-BL

    Fire OG Cartridge – Black Label

  • GDP-1g-BL

    Granddaddy Purple Cartridge – Black Label

  • Grape-Ape-1g-BL

    Grape Ape Cartridge – Black Label

  • Blackberry-Kush-1g-BL

    Blackberry Kush Cartridge – Black Label

  • Sour-Diesel-1g-Cart

    Sour Diesel Cartridge

  • Strawberry-Cough-1g-Cart

    Strawberry Cough Cartridge

  • Trainwreck-1g-Cart

    Trainwreck Cartridge

  • Lemon-Haze-1g-Cart

    Lemon Haze Cartridge

  • Mango-Haze-1g-Cart

    Mango Haze Cartridge

  • Pear-Herer-1g-Cart

    Pear Herer Cartridge

  • Blue-Dream-1g-Cart

    Blue Dream Cartridge

  • Green-Crack-1g-Cart

    Green Crack Cartridge

  • Headband-1g-Cart

    Headband Cartridge

  • Jack-Herer-1g-Cart

    Jack Herer Cartridge

  • OG-Kush-1g-Cart

    OG Kush Cartridge

  • Raspberry-Kush-1g-Cart

    Raspberry Kush Cartridge

  • Skywalker-1g-Cart

    Skywalker Cartridge

  • True-OG-1g-Cart

    True OG Cartridge

  • Vanilla-Kush-1g-Cart

    Vanilla Kush Cartridge

  • Blueberry-Kush-1g-Cart

    Blueberry Kush Cartridge

  • Fire-OG-1g-Cart

    Fire OG Cartridge

  • Golden-Apple-1g-Cart

    Golden Apple Cartridge

  • GDP-1g-Cart

    Granddaddy Purple Cartridge

  • Grape-Ape-1g-Cart

    Grape Ape Cartridge

  • Grapefruit-Kush-1g-Cart

    Grapefruit Kush Cartridge

  • Blackberry-Kush-1g-Cart

    Blackberry Kush Cartridge

  • GG-1g-Cart

    Gorilla Glue Cartridge

  • Tangie-1g-Cart

    Tangie Cartridge

  • Tropical-Trainwreck-1g-Cart

    Tropical Trainwreck Cartridge

  • White-Widow-1g-Cart

    White Widow Cartridge

  • Bubble-Gum-1g-Cart

    Bubble Gum Cartridge

  • Creamsicle-1g-Cart

    Creamsicle Cartridge

  • GSC-1g-Cart

    Girl Scout Cookie Cartridge

  • Banana-Kush-1g-Cart

    Banana Kush Cartridge

  • LucidMood-Focus


  • LucidMood-Calm


  • LucidMood-Sleep


  • LucidMood-Relief


  • LucidMood-Party


  • LucidMood-Bliss


  • LucidMood-Relax


  • LucidMood-Energy


  • honey vape product Disposable Strawberry Kush

    Premium Disposable Pen, Strawberry Kush

  • honey vape product Disposable Tangerine Dream

    Premium Disposble, Tangerine Dream

  • honey vape product Disposable Train Wreck

    Premium Disposable Pen, Trainwreck

  • honey vape product Disposable Trident CBD

    Premium Disposable Pen, Trident CBD

  • honey vape product Disposable Jack Herer

    Premium Disposable Pen, Jack Herer

  • honey vape product Disposable Lemon Cookies

    Premium Disposable Pen, Lemon Cookies

  • honey vape product Disposable OG Kush

    Premium Disposable Pen, OG Kush

  • honey vape product Disposable Skywalker OG

    Premium Disposable Pen, Skywalker OG

  • honey vape product Disposable Sour Diesel

    Premium Disposable Pen, Sour Diesel

  • honey vape product Disposable Blue Dream

    Premium Disposable Pen, Blue Dream

  • honey vape product Disposable Bubble Gum

    Premium Disposable Pen, Bubble Gum

  • honey vape product Disposable GS Cookies

    Premium Disposable Pen, GSC

  • honey vape product Disposable GG4

    Premium Disposable Pen, GG4

  • honey vape product Disposable GD Purple

    Premium Disposable Pen, Granddaddy Purple

  • honey vape product Disposable Green Crack

    Premium Disposable Pen, Green Crack

  • honey vape product Disposable Blackberry Kush

    Premium Disposable Pen, Blackberry Kush

  • honey vape product 1g Cartridge Sour Diesel

    Premium Cartridge, Sour Diesel

  • honey-vape-product-1g-Cartridge-Strawberry-Kush

    Premium Cartridge, Strawberry Kush

  • honey vape product 1g Cartridge Tangerine Dream

    Premium Cartridge, Tangerine Dream

  • honey-vape-product-1g-Cartridge-Train-Wreck2

    Premium Cartridge, Trainwreck

  • honey vape product .5g Cartridge Trident CBD

    Premium Cartridge, Trident CBD

  • honey vape product 1g Cartridge GD Purple

    Premium Cartridge, Granddaddy Purple

  • honey vape product 1g Cartridge Green Crack

    Premium Cartridge, Green Crack

  • honey vape product 1g Cartridge Jack Herer

    Premium Cartridge, Jack Herer

  • honey vape product 1g Cartridge Lemon Cookies

    Premium Cartridge, Lemon Cookies

  • honey vape product 1g Cartridge OG Kush

    Premium Cartridge, OG Kush

  • honey vape product 1g Cartridge Skywalker OG

    Premium Cartridge, Skywalker OG

  • honey vape product 1g Cartridge Blue Dream2

    Premium Cartridge, Blue Dream