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Size 0.5g Cartridge CBD Content 150mg

$ 30.00

Rechargeable Pen Kit + Refillable Cartridge. Patent-pending vaporizing pen designed for customizability, consistency + discretion with a convenient magnetic cap + USB charger. Available in these flavors: Bubblewish, Cupcake, Grapephoria, Tangibright, Tahoe OG, Sour Diesel, GSC Battery Capacity Lithium, 300mAH
Available In: Nationally



150 mg



Multi-cannabinoid hemp oil extract, FDA-grade food grade terpenes.


Insert the threaded end of the battery into the USB charger and plug them in any powered USB outlet. Battery is equipped with the quick recharge feature, which fully charges the battery within one hour. Remove battery from the USB charger when red led light turns off. To change the cartridge, turn the battery counterclockwise. FOR BEST RESULTS: -Do not overcharge (longer than 3 hours) -Fully charged in 1 hour -Recharge the battery only when the light is flashing -Battery + cartridge not to be used with other brands -Battery life is approximately 20 hours of total usage -Properly discard when battery no longer charges

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