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Cannabis and CBD for Frozen Shoulder

by Deborah Malka MD, PhD Read time: 4:06 mins If you’re over the age of 45 and recovering from a recent shoulder injury, you may experience a painful condition called “frozen shoulder.” Whether your shoulder injury occurred after your shoulder muscles were overused, such as from repetitive overhead motion, or an impact injury, frozen shoulder …

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Podcast: Danielle Simone, Weed Mom

Meet Danielle Simone of Weed Mom fame as she chats with Jason about cannabis, parenting, and life! Danielle’s Web Page Danielle on Instagram @daniellesimonbrand Danielle’s Book ECS (Endocannabinoid System) CBD vs. THC – What’s the difference Dosing Considerations Ojai Energetics Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos from Three Wells!


How CBD Can Help Reduce Stress Daily stress has a detrimental impact on mental health. It is considered the most common cause of illness in the United States, possibly resulting in “as many as 70% of all visits to family doctors.” Stress is actually caused by the survival instinct or the fight-or-flight response when put …

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The Science of Cannabis

Understanding How Cannabis Works Even though humans have been using cannabis (aka marijuana) for thousands of years, much of the science about the plant isn’t very well understood. This lack of knowledge is almost entirely due to the fact that cannabis was criminalized in the 1930s and has been viewed in a negative light ever …

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Dosage Guidelines

How Much Should I Take? Dosing Your Cannabis.   The first thing to know: you can’t overdose on cannabis. But, if you take too much of a THC-rich strain cannabis (which has psychoactive effects) it can get very… let’s just say uncomfortable. You can become sleepy or act irrationally. Finding the right dose of marijuana …

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Is Cannabis Legal in My State?

Read Time: 3:30 min. Here’s the good news: many state laws have evolved to legalize cannabis. But (you knew that was coming, right?)…there are some states still evolving. Which means it remains illegal in those states — altogether, or under certain conditions. And cannabis continues to be illegal on the federal level. To help answer …

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Why Patients Use Cannabis for Pain

Read time: 4:30 Mins. Pain is the most common condition which patients say they use cannabis. Across the country it comes in as the top reason in multiple surveys of medical marijuana patients, reaching 90% in some states. This is no surprise, as approximately one in every four Americans, have experienced pain that lasts longer …

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Chronic Pain

Can Chronic Pain Be Reduced by CBD? A recent report by the Institute of Medicine stated that over 116 million Americans are currently living with chronic pain and most are undertreated. The term “chronic” usually refers to pain that lasts three to six months, though some doctors define it as “pain that extends beyond the …

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Can’t Sleep? CBD Could Help Fight Insomnia What we call “primary” insomnia is sleeplessness that has no chemical or environmental causes. Patients have difficulty in getting to sleep or staying asleep. Sometimes it is an overactive mind that doesn’t allow rest. Insomnia affects 20-30% of adults and can occur during times of stress. It can …

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Ways to Consume

Ways To Consume Cannabis One of the first questions people ask: do they have to smoke cannabis (marijuana)? The answer is no. While the main components in the plant must be heated to be activated, in most applications, there are several different ways to consume it. Inhalation V.1 – Smoke Gets In My Eyes Smoking …

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CBD, Cannabis, & Anxiety

There’s being anxious and then there is excessive worry that’s ongoing and out of proportion to the situation at hand. Symptoms of anxiety may include trouble falling asleep, muscle tension, irritability, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, shortness of breath, pounding heartbeat, and fatigue. Panic disorder refers to episodes of intense fear that occur suddenly. They can last …

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Cannabis and Chronic Pain

Read Time: 4:00 Mins. Pain is such an uncomfortable feeling that even a tiny amount of it is enough to ruin every enjoyment.  ⎼ Will Rogers, famed American author, actor, singer, and cowboy. No pain no gain. Tough it out. Fight through the pain. Just ignore it. Easy words to speak, but for nearly 100 …

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Cannabis for Nerve Pain

Read Time: 3:30 Mins. More and more Americans are searching for alternative options to opiods to treat painful nerve damage. We found some recent studies that shed light on natural remedies for nerve pain and provide insight on alternatives to traditional, addictive pain management options. When I’m watching the evening news, it seems like every …

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