Add Some Cannabis-Induced Passion to Your Valentine’s Night

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Just as fireworks are synonymous with the Fourth of July in the United States, so too are chocolates and Valentine’s Day. In fact, leading up to February 14, Americans typically buy about 58 million pounds of chocolates. Now, what if you gave cannabis-infused chocolates to your Valentine? Your Valentine’s Night might just be filled with a different kind of fireworks…

Chocolate has long been considered an aphrodisiac food since the time of Aztecs. Chocolate contains two chemicals that are linked to arousal, tryptophan, one of the building blocks of serotonin, a brain chemical involved in arousal, and phenylethylamine, a stimulant related to amphetamines which is released in the brain when people fall in love. 

While the amount of these two chemicals in a piece of chocolate isn’t significant enough to cause a significant change in brain chemistry, the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate are probably more psychological than physical. 

Psychological or not, if giving your partner chocolate on Valentine’s Day ignites desire in your partner and puts them “in the mood” and more open to romance, why not try it?

Enter Cannabis

Cannabis has a reputation of heightening your senses and letting you lose yourself in the moment, and what better time to welcome that than Valentine’s Day with your special someone? 

“Cannabis and its sexual effects are a hot topic,” says Three Wells Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Deborah Malka, “with some proponents claiming aphrodisiac-like effects. What we know to be true is that cannabinoids and endocannabinoids interact with the hormones and neurotransmitters that affect sexual behavior.”

Now combine cannabis and chocolate. You may have a recipe for a passionate, romantic night.

Cannabis-infused Chocolates to Try this Valentine’s Day (and Night)

Here are a few of the delectable chocolates we’ll be indulging in with our sweethearts this Valentine’s Day: 

Coda Signature: Aria Collection Chocolate Truffles 6-pack (60mg) – Six hand-painted chocolate truffles that are dark, bitter, salty, and sweet. This virtuoso collection from Coda Signature embodies a singular voice of beauty, texture, and flavor. 10mgTHC per serving.

Papa & Barkley Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt 20-pack (100mg) – A dose of dessert. Calling all dark chocolate lovers! Papa & Barkley’s THC-rich 66% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Bar captures the essence of the Humboldt coastline to provide delicious moments of comfort and joy. Made with 99% Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients, solventless fresh-pressed rosin, and a dash of sea salt, this soy-free, vegan-friendly, non-GMO edible provides whole body wellness, relieves occasional pain, and allows you to relax and sleep with ease. Their Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt bar is whole plant full spectrum for a blissful, balanced feeling.

Coda Signature Cream & Crumble White Chocolate Bar (100mg) – Creamy with a hint of crunch, Coda Signature creates the blissful moment of taking that first bite of cheesecake. Milky white single origin THC-rich Ecuadorian chocolate blends with tart sour cream and lemon, speckled with spiced crumble.

Papa & Barkley Milk Chocolate 20-pack (100mg) – A classic chocolate bar with a twist! Papa & Barkley’s THC-rich smooth and delicious Milk Chocolate Bar blends premium cannabis and cacao for a moment of bliss with each bite. Made with 84% Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients and solventless fresh-pressed rosin, this soy-free, non-GMO edible provides you with whole body wellness, relieves occasional pain, and allows you to relax and sleep with ease. Their Milk Chocolate bar is whole plant full spectrum for a blissful, balanced feeling.

Non-Chocolate Cannabis Products to Try This Valentine’s Day (and Night)

It’s not just cannabis-infused chocolates that can heat up your bedroom on Valentine’s Day. Check out these non-chocolate products could go a long way to set the mood with your partner.

Love Potion No. 7 is a cannabis-infused THC tincture from Humboldt Apothecary that is a delicious blend of warming herbs and spices that supports a healthy libido and can be used as a personal lubricant.

Passion Fruit CBD Gummies from Modern Love. OK, so technically there’s nothing passionate about passion fruit but passion is in the name so your partner will certainly appreciate the message you’re trying to send.

These vegan gourmet CBD gummies, infused with 10mg of CBD each, are expertly crafted and designed to be enjoyed anytime, day or night. These delectable gummies are great for relieving your anxiety, everyday aches and providing a relaxed, calming sensation. By shedding your anxiety and calming your fears, Modern Love allows you to live in the present and focus your day. Effects are normally felt within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Lose yourself in the moment with your romantic partner with some of the products above or explore the Three Wells products page for more sensual and sweet treats and make this Valentine’s Day the most pleasurable one yet!

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