Edibles ⎼ Cooking with Cannabis

Cannabis infused cooking at home

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The market for cannabis-infused edibles is rapidly changing and growing in many ways. Long gone are the days when your only choices were brownies and homemade Rice Crispy Treats. Until fairly recently, you had no idea how much THC they might contain or even if they were properly infused. And let’s be honest, some just did not taste very good. Fortunately, chefs like me and my colleagues in the cannabis community are creating a variety of new cannabis-infused foods and drinks that taste great and take advantage of every aspect of the cannabis plant. Cooking with cannabis opens a new culinary world that we’re just beginning to explore. For adults using cannabis for chronic pain, this can be an ideal way to get the relief they’re looking for throughout the day.

CBDaily Eats

Adults can now enjoy full course meals that they prepare in their own kitchen. To assist both home and professional chefs, my company, CBDailyEats, creates CBD-infused products like Olive oil, Balsamic vinaigrette, Coconut oil, and Honey infused with CBD, to name a few. But sometimes we don’t always want a sweet, sticky, dessert-style edible to help us medicate. Thankfully, you now have the option of infusing your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Infused Cannabis Edibles for Adults

One reason why edibles have evolved and are growing in popularity is because of the many health benefits that cannabis provides. More and more mature adults use of cannabis, yet many are wary of smoking due to health issues or even the stigma that smoking may represent. Edibles provide a natural, discrete way to consume cannabis, and brands have an opportunity to create new products for older adults who are curious about it. But again, they may not always want something on the sweet side of things, especially if diabetes, their weight, or sugar intake is an issue. My idea was to infuse everyday food products like oils and vinaigrettes with CBD and THC so people can cook with them at home. No matter your level of cooking experience, there is something out there for every person and every taste. By providing oils and vinaigrettes, you have the freedom to experiment and use them in a variety of foods.

I understand the health-conscious times that we are living in and why so many people care about what they put into their bodies. From Vegans and Vegetarians to the current Keto diet craze, different people need different ways to eat. Whether it’s a bowl of oatmeal in the morning or you scramble some eggs, there are products that you can use to infuse them. In future articles, I’ll provide some recipes to help guide you on your new culinary journey.

Another option for making your own edibles sweet or savory is buying a Magic Butter machine to make your own oils and butter. I’ve even used one to infuse a bunch of things, from maple syrup to milk. I’ve also used it to infuse vinegar for pickling, and for Hollandaise sauce, and gravies. Again, having a way to infuse ordinary food items provides a variety of ways to use them, and the sky’s the limit!


Home Cooking with Cannabis ⎼ Dosing is Critical

I’m always happy to hear about the food people make at home. I’m quick to congratulate them, but I also remind them to not be so quick about sharing them with friends and family. You’d be surprised how many edibles are given to me to try. I’m always honored and thankful when someone wants my opinion about something they’ve made, but I rarely actually eat what they’ve offered me. This is especially true if a person can’t accurately explain the dosing, and if they can’t, chances are I’m not eating it. Remember, for many people, edibles create a different experience than smoking or vaping. The effects of edibles tend to last longer, and, can be more intense. For that reason, I live by the GLASS rule; go low and start slow, because once it’s in your system, there’s no turning back.

I encourage you to explore the world of edibles because many chefs and companies are creating amazing products to help the community. Whether it’s CBD or THC you desire, there’s something out there for everyone. Always remember the GLASS rule, and try not to break it.

Whether it’s CBD or THC infused edibles, Chef Matt does it all, and he’s in the process of launching his new brand, Chef Matt Signature Products. As the go-to chef in Los Angeles for cannabis events, Matt stays very busy. From co-hosting CBD Sundays to catering prestigious CannaGatherLA events, Chef Matt can take the heat and loves to be in the kitchen.