National Cannabis Gummie Day - The Nation Celebrated!

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Millions of people around the world (maybe) grabbed their gummie Thursday, November 19 in celebration of the first-ever National Cannabis Gummie Day, undoubtedly resulting in a wave of calmness and relaxation this world hasn’t seen since 2019 (possibly).

It appears in this video footage that the streets of one U.S. city (would have been) lined with jubilant parade goers, turning out in droves to honor the mighty cannabis gummie that brings joy and wellness to so many people.

Wait, Cannabis Gummies Really Have Their Own Day?

Yes! Whether used by consumers for health reasons or simply recreational enjoyment, cannabis gummies have never been more popular. And for good reason – cannabis gummies are easy to consume, convenient to carry and a discrete way to enjoy all of the benefits of cannabis or CBD. There’s really no denying cannabis gummies deserved their own national holiday. Frankly, it’s surprising it took this long.

“Gummies are a natural product that have a profoundly positive physical and emotional impact for so many people. We founded National Cannabis Gummie Day to celebrate the gummie and expose more people to these amazing little products that can be so helpful to so many people,” said Jason Turner, co-founder and CMO of Three Wells.

To celebrate the occasion, Three Wells and Wana Brands, America’s No. 1 infused-edibles maker and sponsor of National Cannabis Gummie Day, asked cannabis gummie lovers to answer the question “What Makes You Go for Your Gummie?” Here are some of the entries:

  • “I have intense hip pain that keeps me awake at night. I go for my gummie to help me sleep.”
  • “I go for my gummie to help me relax after a long, stressful day working from my home office and constantly being interrupted by my kids!”
  • “I have trouble swallowing pills, so I go for my gummie when I want to de-stress and have something easy (and tasty) to ingest.”

But the winning entry came from givemealldacbd, a cannabis gummie lover from Illinois, who said “Workouts make me reach for my @wanabrands gummies! Love the combination of CBD/THC to help me reduce inflammation and keep pushing when things get a little challenging.”

Thank you to everyone who participated! 

And while the official National Cannabis Gummie Day contest is over for this year, it’s never too late to participate in the conversation. Be sure to follow Three Wells on Instagram and Facebook to share what makes you go for your gummie and learn more about the health and wellness benefits of CBD and cannabis. Also, be sure to check out the fantastic products from Wana Brands, who Three Wells would like to thank for their support and sponsorship of this year’s wonderful National Cannabis Gummie Day celebration.