Hanukkah Day 5 - Cooking with CBD and Cannabis is Becoming More and More Popular

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We’re celebrating Hanukkah with 8 gifts of cannabis knowledge – a new one every day!

The market for cannabis-infused edibles is rapidly changing and growing in many ways. Long gone are the days when your only choices were brownies and homemade Rice Crispy Treats. Until fairly recently, you had no idea how much THC they might contain or even if they were properly infused. And let’s be honest, some just did not taste very good. Fortunately, chefs in the cannabis community are creating a variety of new cannabis-infused foods and drinks that taste great and take advantage of every aspect of the cannabis plant. 

Cooking with cannabis opens a new culinary world that many are just beginning to explore. For adults using cannabis for chronic pain, this can be an ideal way to get the relief they’re looking for throughout the day. Adults can now enjoy full course meals that they prepare in their own kitchen by using CBD-infused products like olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, coconut oil, and honey, to name a few. 

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