CBD Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12, 2019. Flowers are always nice, but this year, consider giving mom a special gift of health, relaxation, and wellness. If you’re in need of some CBD gift ideas for Mother’s Day, we’re happy to help. Three Wells partners with W!NK™, a company founded by CEO Stacie Verbiest for women, by women. Their company motto is “the future of cannabis is female,” and this theme works on two levels because a flowering cannabis plant is female. It’s also a nod to the many smart, successful women in the cannabis business like Stacie and her team.

Women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety-related disorders than men, and also face hormonal issues such as pregnancy, postpartum depression, and menopause. Cannabis is known to assist with symptoms and results of these disorders and hormonal changes, without harmful consequences. ⎼ Stacie Verbiest

Stacie launched W!NK in 2015 after creating customized products for a friend battling breast cancer. The devastating side effects of her treatment regimen inspired Stacie to do something about it, so she did. From then on, Stacie made it her mission to offer quality products that discreetly deliver consistent results for restoring women’s balance, wellness, and power.


CBD Gift Ideas For Mom

A Wink Gift Box for Mom

This Mother’s Day, consider giving your mom gifts that will last well beyond the day itself. Think of it as a spa in a box with multiple visits! W!NK’s hemp-based CBD products do not contain THC, the compound in traditional cannabis that creates the sensation of feeling high. So, if she’s not familiar with experiencing THC, you don’t have to worry about giving mom something that might make her feel uneasy. Only simple relaxation awaits! Click on the links for more information.



Relax in the Bath, Pomegranate + Eucalyptus Sea Salt CBD Body Scrub

This all-natural blend of CBD, essential oils, pomegranate, eucalyptus, rosemary, and mint sooth the body and clear the mind. Whether it’s for 20 minutes or two hours, mom will feel like she’s embarked on a botanical day trip to wellness.




A Few Drops of Joy, CBD Tincture

This CBD tincture is infused with fractionated coconut oil for a smooth texture, light taste for multiple uses. A great way to relax, it’s also helpful for pain relief, fighting inflammation, and reducing anxiety. It can also be used topically to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Put some in your coffee, tea, in an acai bowl, or on its own under your tongue.




Breathe Easy, CBD

Their vaporizer cartridges containing 150mg of CBD oil help support relief from stress, anxiety, and joint pain. Many W!NK customers use W!NK vapes to help alleviate suffering from the side effects of illnesses and ailments such as leukemia, cancer, seizures, ADD, eating disorders, and more.




Solving Life’s Tensions, Body Salve

W!NK’s CBD Balm is formulated with organic, high-quality ingredients providing topical relief for sensitive muscles, joint pain, bruising, inflammation or skin conditions. The Ingredients almost sound like a recipe for a delicious meal: shea butter, mango seed butter, oat kernel flour, cocoa seed butter, and 150 mg of CBD oil.



A New You Shines Through, Apricot + Vanilla Sugar CBD Body Scrub

This CBD-infused Sugar Scrub is a luxurious, creamy, skin-refining formula made from organic sugar crystals and natural humectants. Enriched with 50mg of CBD oil, the all-natural scrub buffs away dead skin cells while moisturizing, repairing and revitalizing mom’s skin. She’ll be set for all the Mother’s Day hugs!



Sweetness Abounds, CBD Enriched Liquid Stevia

W!NK’s vegan stevia extract is a zero-calorie, low glycemic alternative to sugar, fructose, honey, and artificial sweeteners. Each half-ounce bottle includes 100mg of CBD. If sugar intake is a concern, this makes for an excellent alternative with the benefits of CBD.




Mom is Absolutely Glowing, CBD Enriched Facial Serum

The W!NK CBD Facial Serum is a colorless, replenishing elixir of pure botanical oils that provides vital nutrients. Full-spectrum CBD oil (25mg), Ferulic acid, and vitamin E encourage and enhance the skin’s daytime and nighttime recovery.




Feeling Good About Great Gifts for Mom

W!NK’s mission is to educate and empower women who want to enjoy the therapeutic effects of traditional cannabis and hemp-based CBD products. This is why Three Wells is so proud to partner with them. They work with responsible farmers who grow certified pesticide-free cannabis and oversee a high-quality production process keeping their oils free of any solvent residues or contaminants. They do this because Stacie founded the company for someone in need, and this philosophy remains central to everything they do. So when you give a W!NK gift to mom on Mother’s Day, you’ll both feel good about it.

The entire Three Wells team wish moms everywhere a happy Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. Share some photos of your mom with us!

Philip Rebentisch is a writer and the Content Editor for Three Wells.

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