Product Review: A Delicious Time with Wana Quick Cannabis Gummies

When it comes to edible treats, there’s just something special about a gummie. Bright colors, bold taste, just chewy enough — but also kind of melt in your mouth. Anything that calls itself a gummie needs to live up to certain expectations. And those are considerably raised when it’s a cannabis edible and promises the added benefits of THC and CBD.

So how do Wana Quick Gummies stack up? Beyond promising bold flavors, the Wana company makes some bold claims for their brand: fast-acting effects in 5 to 15 minutes, a melt-proof recipe and more. To find out if the products live up to their claims, we thoroughly tested them ourselves.

Keep in mind: this isn’t a paid promotion. We review cannabis and CBD products regularly so we can make sure we have only the best products on our site for you. We do this so you don’t have to waste your time and money figuring out which products to trust for all manner of your personal, health, and wellness needs.

Prefer to watch vs. read? Check out the podcast/video Wana Quick Gummie product review by Three Wells’ own Jason Turner.

Why Wana THC & CBD Gummies?

We’ve had a chance to connect with the folks at Wana Brands, and are impressed by who they are. Certainly we applaud their success as the number one gummie company in the U.S., which is a testament to the fact they are constantly innovating in their lab. 

But more than that, they are genuinely good people bringing a quality product to market. They’re deeply committed to what they do, and seem to be in business for the health and wellbeing of every customer.

Based in Colorado, Wana Quick gummies are readily available throughout that state’s shops and dispensaries, as well as in Oregon, California, Oklahoma, Michigan and Canada. You can order here on the website. Also, Wana is expanding their distribution of Quick gummies, adding new stores and states regularly, so you should also check their website at to find where you can get their gummies near you.

What’s Inside These Cannabis-Infused Gummies?

In California and Oregon, Wana Quick Gummies come in a 1.6 ounce plastic container, about the size of a small mustard jar. The lid is secure and requires only a gentle squeeze to the sides in order to remove — for those of us with stiff/arthritic hands the containers are easy to open. Inside you’ll find 10 cannabis gummies, coated with granulated cane sugar. If you are in Colorado, Michigan or Oklahoma, each container of 5mg Quick Gummies has 20 pieces.

How potent are these edibles? Each gummie contains 5 milligrams of THC. (And, in the case of the strawberry margarita flavor, an additional 5 milligrams of CBD.) Important to note is that Wana’s manufacturing process infuses their THC and CBD into these products. Why does this matter? 

Well, imagine a ½ inch thick slab of gummies on a baking sheet. If you spray the THC and/or CBD onto it you risk an uneven application across the slab. When those slabs are cut into individual cannabis gummies, each may contain less (or more) of the THC and/or CBD you bargained for — not a good experience. An infusion process guarantees an equal amount from edible to edible, for a consistent dose across all individual cannabis gummies.

What you won’t find are any chemical ingredients you can’t pronounce. Also, the gummies we reviewed are free from animal byproducts (e.g. gelatin), making these cannabis-infused edibles vegan-friendly. Plus —  Wana’s Quick Gummies contain no high-fructose corn syrup, which can have negative health effects for some.

While Wana offers seven flavors overall, we were able to sample three here in California – Pina Colada (Indica), Peach Bellini (Sativa) and Strawberry Margarita (Hybrid 1:1 CBD/THC). Here’s what we experienced as we tested each for the first time…

A Peach of a Gummie

There’s none of that “fake peach” taste here. This is a strong, natural peach flavor — not too sweet, not too tart, just the right balance.

A white container of Peach Bellini flavored gummies with orange-colored gummies piled on top of and beside the container.

These Peach Bellini cannabis-infused gummies are made using many of the same terpenes found in sativa strains of cannabis. In case you aren’t familiar with the different classes of cannabis (e.g. Sativa, Indica), here is an easy way to remember, generally, how each strain can make you feel. The “s” in Sativa stands for “silly” – it gives you a light-hearted sensation. You’ll find these edibles create an effect that will have you feeling more highly social and ready to have a laugh.

The Pina Colada Song

The flavor of the Pina Colada cannabis gummies is more coconut than pineapple. But like their peach cousins, these have a delightful taste.

These Pina Colada cannabis-infused gummies are made to replicate Indica strains of cannabis , which can help you  to de-stress, feel more relaxed,  and simply chill. Watch a movie and hang with your SO. (Needless to say, no cars or machinery while enjoying/gummie-ing.) One of our Three Wells testers tried a pina colada gummie about 15 minutes before they were set to fall asleep and had a great rest.

A white container of Pina Colada flavored gummies with ligh yellow-colored gummies piled on top of and beside the container.

Strawberry Margarita Fields Forever

The Strawberry Margarita infused gummies have more of a sweet strawberry taste than margarita — and have a little salt whisper that is a worthy kick to the flavor.

A white container of  Strawberry Margarita flavored gummies with red-colored gummies piled on top of and beside the container.

Because this gummie contains a mix of THC and CBD, you don’t get super chill… nor will you get super giggly. Expect a nice, low-stress, even keel feeling with this product. 

The 1:1 (THC:CBD) combination and the 30+ terpenes in this product give you the highly beneficial effects similar to a full spectrum product. If you want to know more about full spectrum versus isolates here is a great article for you.

What’s the Buzz?

Most edibles in our experience take from 30 minutes to an hour or more before they begin to take effect. That can depend on what else you’ve had to eat and how fast you digest. But in any case, Wana’s claim that these fast-acting gummies begin to work in 5 to 15 minutes is true.

We concede these potent gummies indeed work in that timeframe, although our experience was closer to the 15-minute mark. Also on the mark is the duration. Wana’s claims of 2 to 4 hours were backed up by our testers, most of whom reported feeling the effects of a gummie for as long as 3 hours.

A somewhat unique quality to these edibles is that Wana’s infused gummies are designed for — and deliver — a Delta-9 high. This is the same head-oriented high from THC that you might be familiar with from smoking. Most other gummies and edibles in general give you more of a body-buzz (high).

The Black Dashboard Test

Each jiggly little gummie, covered in flecks of cane sugar, brags that it won’t melt! Seems like a lot of hubris for a tiny lil’ candy. We admit, as trusting by nature as we are, we were skeptical. So we tested that claim through a very scientific process: by putting a container of Wana Quick Gummies on the dashboard of a black car with a black interior in the baking hot California sun.

Looking down into an open container of gummies that spent 8 hours on a dashboard. The gummies are still in their original shape.

At the end of this 8-hour sun-worshipping in our “lab,” we fully expected a globby lump. Instead, we were pleasantly schooled in the art of the modern-day gummie. Each infused gummie held its shape, the texture remained the same and the granules of sugar held on to the gummies. In an environment designed to cook things to the point of “well done” — well done, Wana!

The image on the left is the “after” picture —  after 8-hours on a sun-beaten dashboard.

(It’s unclear why someone living in California chose to purchase a black car with a black interior. A story for another time, perhaps.)

How to Gummie

Full stop disclaimer: This does not constitute any form of medical or clinical health advice.

If you do try these THC gummies, or any other cannabis product for that matter, we urge you to start off slow. Yes, these gummies have great flavor. And while they’re classified as edibles, they are also a form of candy. But don’t give in to tasty candy syndrome and decide, “I’ll just eat 4 or 5 in one go!” 

If it’s your first time with THC, or it’s been a while, begin with half a gummie (2.5mg of THC). Give your body an hour to feel the full effects and for you to gauge their potency. If all goes as expected, next time you can decide if you want a more potent experience (e.g. 5mg – a full gummie.)

To Gummie or Not to Gummie?

So what’s the tl;dr review? Things to keep in mind when deciding to become a customer of these Wana Quick Gummies:

– 5 to 15 minute onset

– Delta-9 “head high”

– 2 to 4 hour duration

– Infused

– Each contains 5 milligrams of THC (plus 5mg CBD in the Strawberry Margarita)

– Made with 30+ terpenes*

– Delicious flavor

– Vegan

– No high-fructose corn syrup

– Highly melt-resistant

(*Terpenes are natural chemicals found in cannabis that — depending on which is dominant — produce different smell, taste or effects in various strains. Want to know more about terpenes?  Here is an easy-to-understand video all about terpenes.)

In short, these gummies live up to their claims, taste great, come in interesting flavors and come from a truly stand-up team of people over at Wana. That’s a Three Wells two thumbs up on these quality gummies.

Get a container of these fast-acting Wana edibles, and go forth and gummie. Which is another way of saying — be well, live well and do well.

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