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My partner and I have a background in cultivation, and it is our life mission to bring the best cannabis to people, raise awareness, and to share it with them. ⎼ Eliza Maroney

Three Wells is pleased to announce that Lucky Box Club, a subscription and delivery service, has joined our partner community. Three Wells Content Editor Philip Rebentisch had the opportunity to speak with Co-Founder Eliza Maroney.

PR: Eliza, how would you describe Lucky Box Club to someone who knew nothing about it?

Eliza: We take the guesswork out of consuming cannabis. We go out to the market and look for the highest quality products and bring them to your doorstep. For someone who may be unfamiliar with cannabis and how to apply it to their daily life, we offer them a really accessible way to learn about those products by choosing them for the member. So, it’s like we’re their budtender who does the shopping and drops it off at their home.

How does the budtender find out about the customer’s particular needs?

Eliza: Traditionally, we would have a phone call with them and really do a full intake on every single member and learn about their preferences, their lifestyle, their needs, their wants, and their ailment. We really get to know them and can better serve them that way. We know that it’s not a one size fits all situation when it comes to cannabis use.

So do members have the ability to request certain things, like if they have a preferred brand or is it literally where you’re exposing them to different products that may benefit them?

Eliza: It’s a little bit of both. When people sign up, they typically choose the classic executive lucky box. They give us their preferences and we choose all of the products for them. We then follow up and learn about their experience, what they liked, what they loved, what maybe they didn’t like so much. We can make adjustments in the future so people can also kind of build their own box.

You know, it almost sounds like a concierge service.

Eliza: That’s exactly what we want to do, and that’s the level of service that we’re offering.

So if you’re a member of Lucky Box Club, does that include a gym, spa, or a country club membership?

Eliza: No, it doesn’t, but it does mean you’re one of the cool kids.

Can you explain the delivery schedule? Is this a once a week thing? Once a month?

Eliza: We start people off with a monthly delivery, but if they run out of a product that they loved and they would love more the following week, we do not stop them from that.

How are payments handled? Is it per order or is it a subscription where you’re billed every 90 days or 30 days? Walk me through that part of it.

Eliza: Right now we’re actually going through our service relaunch and we’re really excited about it. New members sign up at and pre-pay for their boxes on our website just as they would with any other subscription service. Our goal is to make the ordering process as simple as possible.

So, they’ve placed an order, how does it actually get to their house? I can’t imagine it’s through the mail, UPS, or FedEx.

Eliza: You are very right about that. The club is a California licensed delivery service, so we have our own team, and they will deliver the box right to your doorstep. We have extremely friendly, knowledgeable and kind people, and it might even be me, you never know.

The co-founder of the company making a delivery? That’d be fun!

Eliza: It’s been really great. I’ve made lots of deliveries in the past and customers are like, “oh my god, it’s actually you.”

That’s really funny, and at the same time, it makes sense. Older adults might be wary of using a delivery service when they don’t know the person making the delivery. So is that something you’re striving to do, having a customer service rep for that member?

Eliza: Our team is extremely small and as of right now, and you know, we have relationships with the people to whom we’re delivering. We get to learn a little bit about their life. They tend to really trust us and they love us. So we love our members, they’re great.

I want to circle back to the social media side of things. So before they receive their order, members are already interacting with you on your social channels. So can you tell me a little bit about that? What’s the most active channel?

Eliza: Our Instagram account is luckyboxclub. When I’m going to an event we invite people to come to meet us and tell us about their experiences. That’s always really fun and exciting when the digital world turns into reality and show people, hey, we really are just a group of people who love cannabis. My partner and I have a background in cultivation, and it is our life mission to bring the best cannabis to people, raise awareness, and to share it with them.

After you do your member intake interview, are you recommending certain types of cannabis or something that may directly benefit them?

Eliza: Absolutely. We provide boxes that are custom-filled with our members in mind. So we really care about the experience and the feeling that they receive from the plant. And you know, I always say there is a product for everybody, but not every product is for everybody. Some people need a really high-level CBD product. What type of product is it, a topical or an edible? What is the ratio? What types of cannabinoids are in the products? We really look into that and try to understand what may be best for people. When we have a new canna-curious person, we try to start them out with a microdose and get them to really find their magic dose as we say. There’s a learning process and everybody is totally different and unique. And that’s what’s so beautiful about this ⎼ we get to do that exploration together.

My father is a member and in the beginning, he was feeling queasy whenever I gave him edibles. We realized we were just giving him too much and he needed a better ratio. We figured out a two to one ratio of CBD to THC, and that has been a life changer for him. It’s really amazing.

That’s fascinating that your own father is a customer.

Eliza: My dad is in his late fifties but suffers from severe diabetes. He’s also a double amputee, so he’s in chronic pain, and now he is suffering from kidney failure. And because of all of these things, he can’t smoke anymore. His relationship with cannabis is very complicated because he grew up in San Francisco in the 1960s and he knew that we’d get high. Now we say to him, no, we treat it as medicine and it’s sacred. It was only in the last four years that he started to recognize, oh, there are medicinal qualities. As I mentioned, he tried edibles and it was always too much. That’s one thing that we commonly hear with the older adults curious about cannabis is that it can be too strong.

When did you start the company and how big is it?

Eliza: We’ve been thinking and dreaming this up for a very long time. We have fewer than 10 employees right now, but I do believe that that number is going to double by the end of the year. We profess it to be a labor of love. We have done this with the intention of honoring and serving the plant as well as the patients.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck Eliza, pun intended. Thank you for taking the time to speak with Three Wells.

Eliza: Thank you so much. It’s very, very kind of you. We’re very excited and I see nothing but great things coming our way.


Subscription Services for Purchasing Cannabis

Subscription services are going to be an essential part of cannabis purchasing options for consumers. They offer flexible and timely purchasing options, consistency, and reliability. But there’s much more to the promise they hold. The deliveries are discrete and ease any potential stigma or negative perceptions for the customer. For patients who face mobility or transportation issues, having a relationship with companies like the Lucky Box Club helps ensure access to the medicine they need, delivered to their door.

We are genuinely pleased that Lucky Box Club has joined the Three Wells family, and our readers can use the discount code 3wells to take 10% off their first LBC order.

Philip Rebentish is a writer and the Content Editor for Three Wells.

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