Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics

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Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics

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  • Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Sleep Stick WP

    Natural Sleep Stick

  • Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Sleep Cream WP

    Natural Sleep Cream

  • Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Skin Cream WP

    Natural Skin Cream

  • Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics PMS Cream WP

    Natural PMS Cream

  • Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Pain Stick WP

    Natural Pain Stick

  • Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Pain Spray 60ml WP

    Natural Pain Spray

  • Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Pain Cream WP

    Natural Pain Cream

  • Dr.-Kerklaan-Therapeutics-Natural-CBD-Sleep-Cream-1-1000x1000

    Natural CBD Sleep Cream

  • Dr.-Kerklaan-Therapeutics-Natural-CBD-Skin-Cream-min-1000x1000

    Natural CBD Skin Cream

  • Dr.-Kerklaan-Therapeutics-Natural-CBD-Relief-Stick-hero-1000x1000

    Natural CBD Relief Stick

  • Dr.-Kerklaan-Therapeutics-Natural-CBD-Relief-Spray-min-1000x1000

    Natural CBD Relief Spray

  • Dr.-Kerklaan-Therapeutics-Natural-CBD-Relief-Cream-1000x1000

    Natural CBD Relief Cream

  • Dr.-Kerklaan-Therapeutics-Natural-CBD-PMS-Cream-min-1000x1000

    Natural CBD PMS Cream

After two decades of practice and research on the front lines of pain management, Dr. Andrew Kerklaan sought a better approach for his patients using the healing properties of cannabis. Working with leading biochemists, Dr. Kerklaan has formulated a range of topicals from cannabis and hemp to provide relief for his patients without the feeling of getting high.

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