Bulletproof Coffee – CBD Infused

Nourish your mind and relax your body with coffee that stimulates and relaxes you at the same time. High fat oils like MCT coconut oil help you metabolize CBD, while caffeine provides a pick-me-up most of us love.

Serves 1.


  • Ground coffee
  • Freshly boiled water
  • 1 T coconut oil (or other oil/fat such as organic butter)
  • 2 mL CBD oil of your choice
  • Raw honey to taste
  • Optional: flavoring of your choice


  1. Prepare one serving of coffee using your favorite method (or two shots of espresso. (Only fill your cup about halfway to avoid a mess during blending)
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 2 mL of your favorite CBD oil and raw honey. Add your favorite flavoring if desired!
  3. Combine all ingredients and mix with a handheld blender for about 30 seconds. Start your blending lower in the cup then move to the top. Add ice for a cool treat on a hot day.
  4. Serve & enjoy!

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