Can CBD Help Me Lose Weight?

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Obesity is a rapidly rising health issue that can lead to diseases such as diabetes or can take the shape of cardiovascular disease or other serious metabolic disorders. New research suggests that CBD can help in losing weight effectively. CBD, an extract made from industrial hemp, is one of the most famous naturally-occurring cannabinoids in existence. Research has shown that the ability of CBD to interact with our endocannabinoid system makes it an incredible therapeutic compound that can help the body in many ways from a reduction of inflammation to weight loss.  While research needs to continue on the relationship between CBD and weight loss, some early studies have shown a promising relationship between CBD and dropping those excess pounds.  

Let’s take a quick look at how CBD can work in the body to aid weight loss and how it might just become your secret weapon when battling those stubborn pounds. It is important to note that anyone undergoing a weight loss regime (whether you include CBD or not) should consult a medical professional before beginning this journey. 


On a high level, we know that stress can contribute to weight gain particularly around a person’s mid section. We are built such that in times of stress the body holds onto weight and stores excess calories because it thinks we will need them to weather a proverbial storm of some sort (not to mention the excess calories that one may consume when a person is under constant stress. We also know that CBD has been shown in certain individuals to reduce levels of stress which may help facilitate weight loss and curb the need for excess snacking. Furthermore, CBD has been shown to interact with the endocannabinoid system that is spread across the body in the form of cb1 and cb2 receptors.  Cb1 receptors are densely concentrated in the central nervous system and the fatty adipose tissues.  Because of this, scientists believe that the activation of cb1 receptors may affect obesity. CBD has been shown to work with other cannabinoids to potentially activate many receptors and including serotonin which is naturally released in the body during things like exercise to give you that “I just had a great workout feeling”. 


Preliminary studies show that CBD can reduce appetite to help you lose weight.  The authors of a 2018 study “The Role of Cannabinoids in Obesity” US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health suggest that CBD may act as an appetite suppressant and may help reduce the number of calories consumed in a given day, contrary to THC in Cannabis that generally stimulates the appetite. 


A body consists of two types of fat: White Fat (Bad Fat) and Brown (Good Fat).  Accumulation of white fat can increase the risk of cardiovascular health issues and diabetes, whereas brown fat is known to help the body in burning calories. Studies have shown that CBD can help in the browning of white fat cells.  Brown fat cells are considered to be a more active type of fat as they can burn off energy or calories in the form of heat.


Science has shown a close link between obesity and some metabolic disorders, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.  The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD may prove helpful in regulating blood sugar levels and maintaining a balance in the body. It can also increase the markers for liver health to decrease the risk of these health problems.

Preliminary research conducted on CBD oil such as Modern Love Organics Founder’s Reserve CBD Tincture shows it could be a possible way to reduce extra weight, by helping to address issues of stress, support the recovery process when engaging in a workout routine, and possibly even reducing appetite; while the results of some early studies showing the correlation between weight loss and CBD are promising, we are encouraged by the fact that more research is constantly being done to support the notion of CBD oil being an effective companion to weight loss. If you are new to using CBD oil, it is advised that you consult your Healthcare practitioner, especially if you plan to undergo a new health care regime of any kind.

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