Don’t Let Menopause Make You a Grinch, Gift Yourself Hello Again!

Ladies, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we know who makes it that way. Whatever your holiday traditions, we are sure they only exist because you make it happen. You finish work, transform the house, plan the meals, do the shopping, make the lists (check them twice), wrap, stuff, wash, dry, hide, post, decorate and bring the magic. 

We also know that if you’re trying to do all of this while dealing with menopause it can cause you to lose sleep, get irritable, feel tired and maybe even miss some of the joy of the season. 

If you’re dealing with the symptoms of menopause could you use a little more of this around the holidays?

  • Elevated mood
  • Mental clarity
  • Sustained energy
  • Even body temperature
  • Sound, restful sleep
  • Relief from inflammatory pain
  • Relief from vaginal dryness

Well, the good people at Hello Again have developed vaginal suppositories to help with the toll that menopause can take on your body as well as your emotions. Hello Again’s vaginal suppositories combine CBD and THC with a curated mix of botanicals which have been used for centuries to help women address the unwanted side effects of menopause.  The vaginal delivery system allows for the use of THC without the typical head high. The result is an all-natural product which can be used daily or semi-regularly to help women feel like themselves again. When a woman’s system is out of balance, we know all we want is to feel like ourselves again. 

Enter Hello Again Everyday

Use Hello Again’s Everyday in the morning and notice an increase in energy, patience and mood, control over hot flashes, better concentration and memory, as well as providing relief from inflammatory pain and vaginal discomfort due to dryness.

Enter Hello Again Sleep

Use Hello Again’s Sleep before bed to help you go to sleep, stay asleep, or get back to sleep when you do have to get up in the night. Hello Again Sleep also addresses mood and dryness. 

What about Libido? 

Let’s put it this way: if you aren’t crabby, you aren’t sweaty, you have energy, your vagina isn’t dry, you have less pain and you are actually well-rested, you’ve set the stage for more interest in and better sex. For more information on Hello Again and you can visit their brand page here on Three Wells.