What Is Nano CBD?


Contributed by: Modern Love

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The roaring success of the CBD market has taken the world by storm.  With more and more research being carried out on this magic compound, CBD companies, like Modern Love Organics’ Premium Nano CBD,  have come up with different variants that possess properties beyond what traditional CBD oils offer.  One such remarkable variation in the CBD market is Nano CBD which has emerged as an improved version of the conventional CBD oil. But what is Nano CBD and why is it gaining so much popularity amongst CBD users? 

Traditional CBD oil comes in many forms including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate, mixed with a carrier oil like coconut or MCT oil that acts as a base.  Nano emulsified CBD or Nano CBD oil, or Nano-enhanced CBD oil (all of which stand for really, really, really small CBD particles), is made by breaking down the regular CBD oil in the emulsifying process.  The solubility size and texture of Nano CBD is different from that of the traditional CBD oil.

Each particle of Nano CBD ranges from 25 to 100nm in size.  Unlike traditional CBD oil, Nano CBD is also water-soluble because smaller molecules can quickly disperse in the liquid.  Nano CBD can be easily consumed by mixing it in drinks and beverages and, due to its smaller particle size, it is absorbed much more efficiently into the body. The efficient absorption provides potential relief in a much shorter time frame when compared to traditional CBD oils.

The first thing you may notice is that regular CBD oil is that it is about 10 to 15% cheaper than Nano CBD oil because it does not require extra technologically enhanced steps to make traditional CBD oil. The larger particles in regular CBD oil do not pass through membranes in the body as easily as nano CBD and oftentimes  the potency of traditional CBD oil is lost due to the digestive process. The bioavailability (how much of the active ingredient your body actually uses) of regular CBD oil is 25-40% less than that of the faster acting Nano CBD meaning that you would have to take 3-4 times more regular CBD when compared to Nano CBD to achieve the same results. 

The bioavailability percentage of Nano CBD ranges from 80 to 90%, which is much, much higher than that of the regular CBD oil.  Since the oil particles in Nano CBD are already relatively minute, the body does not have to put much effort into metabolizing them, which is why it is faster and more effective (1) For example, a single dropper from Modern Love Organics’ Premium Nano CBD 250mg bottle would be the equivalent of a single dropper of 1000mg of traditional CBD oil. So while the price may be a little higher, you are essentially getting 3-4x the potential benefits. 

Finally, Nano CBD is also beneficial for topical application, as with Modern Love’s 750mg Healing CBD Salve, the smaller CBD particles are more easily able to seep into the dermal layers and produce a strong desired effect of relief.

Whatever option you decide when incorporating CBD into your wellness routine, please make sure you speak with your healthcare provider to find what is best for you.







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